Kingsize Soundlabs

Coordinates: 34°6′51.5″N 118°14′9.3″W / 34.114306°N 118.235917°W / 34.114306; -118.235917
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Kingsize Soundlabs
TypeRecording studio
Headquarters34°6′51.5″N 118°14′9.3″W / 34.114306°N 118.235917°W / 34.114306; -118.235917
Area served
Los Angeles County, California, U.S.

Kingsize Soundlabs are three recording studios in Los Angeles County, California,[1] run by record producer Dave Trumfio.[2]


Located in the Silverlake, Glassell Park, and Atwater Village areas of Los Angeles.[1] The Glassell Park studio is in the "Rock Block".[3] Kingsize Soundlabs has recorded bands such as American Standards,[4][5][6] Jesus and Mary Chain, Built to Spill, Wilco, The Vines, American Music Club, Patrick Park,[7] Moving Units, Rilo Kiley, The Sleepy Jackson, The Spinto Band,[8] Imperial Teen, Eleni Mandell, Pela, Aggrolites, Slightly Stoopid, Los Abandoned, Lostprophets, Amateurs,[3] Steve Reynolds, Kristin Mooney, E for Explosion, Booker T and Jolie Holland, Mavis Staples and Sierra Leone All Stars, Attack Attack, and Papa vs Pretty.

Studio B[edit]

Studio B is used by producer Rob Schnapf for his "MANT studio".[9][10][11]


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