Kingsley Heights

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Kingsley Heights
Coordinates: 41°07′28″S 175°04′59″E / 41.124573°S 175.082932°E / -41.124573; 175.082932Coordinates: 41°07′28″S 175°04′59″E / 41.124573°S 175.082932°E / -41.124573; 175.082932
CountryNew Zealand
IslandNorth Island
CityUpper Hutt

Kingsley Heights is a suburb of the city of Upper Hutt, located in the lower North Island of New Zealand. The suburb stands on a hill east of and overlooking the city centre, but has also started expanding into an adjacent valley.

All of the street names in the suburb have a British royalty theme. One example is King Charles Drive, the only road leading into the suburb, which is named after Charles II of England.

This suburb houses drinking-water storage tanks for Upper Hutt.