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This article is about the Chinese company. For other uses, see Kingsoft GmbH.
Kingsoft Corporation Limited
Native name
Public (SEHK3888)
Genre Software
Founded 1989
Headquarters Beijing (corporate headquarters)
Zhuhai (R&D headquarters)
Area served
Key people
Pak Kwan Kau, Lei Jun,[1] HongJiang ZHANG,[1] Tao ZOU[1]
Products WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft Office), Kingsoft PC Doctor, Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus, Power Word, Kingsoft KuaiPan, Kingsoft LieBao secure web browser.
Subsidiaries Cheetah Mobile
Website Kingsoft Homepage, Kingsoft office official website, Kingsoft security official website

Kingsoft (Chinese: 金山软件; pinyin: jīnshān ruǎnjiàn; literally: "Gold Mountain Software") is a Chinese software company.[2] Kingsoft has research and development centers in Zhuhai, Beijing, Chengdu and Dalian. The company has historically focused on development for the internet and Microsoft Windows systems. They also created an independent mobile internet subsidiary known as Cheetah Mobile. The company has worked on security software products, most recently moving towards internet-based applications, such as Kingsoft Kuaipan (a free cloud storage application running on multiple platforms).


Kingsoft was founded in 1988 by the JinShan company located in Hong Kong. JinShan is a manufacturer of IBM PCs and was founded in 1973. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Kingsoft researched and developed word processors and other office applications, such as its flagship product, Word Processing System 1.0, which launched in 1989. Today, the latest version of Kingsoft Office 2013 is a freeware office suite which includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft Spreadsheet. Kingsoft has established collaborative relationships with Dell, Intel and IBM.


  • 1988: Pak Kwan Kau (求伯君)[3] joined JinShan, participated in developing WPS (Word Processing System) and founded the subdepartment of JinShan in Shenzhen. This was when JinShan initiated involvement in the software developing area.
  • 1989: JinShan released WPS 1.0 and PUC (JianShan I Chinese character card). The JinShan I Chinese character card monopolized the printing market in China.
  • 1993: Pak Kwan Kau founded Kingsoft at Zhuhai with Zhang XuanLong's personal financial support.
  • 1994: Beijing Kingsoft department was founded.
  • 1996: SEASUN Studio was founded and released the first commercial game in China, ZhongGuanCun Revelations.
  • 1997: The RPG Jian Xia Qing Yuan was released and became the first RPG game in mainland China. PowerWord was released. WPS 97, running on Windows 95, was released.[4]
  • 1998: Lenovo became a shareholder of Kingsoft. Kingsoft was reorganized.
  • 2003: Beijing Kingsoft Entertainment Company was founded.
  • 2008: WPS 2009, Kingsoft Antivirus 2009, and PowerWord 2009 were released.
  • 2009: Beijing Kingsoft Security Company was founded.
  • 2010: Kingsoft Antivirus became freeware.
  • 2011: The founder Pak Kwan Kau announced his retirement plan. The proposal for Jun Lei to become CEO was approved by the Board of Directors.
  • 2011: Tencent became a 15.68% shareholder in Kingsoft which is worth 892 million HKD. HongJiang Zhang became the CEO of Kingsoft.
  • 2014: Announced Cheetah Mobile and filed for an initial public offering in the United States.[5]
  • 2014: (October) Kingsoft announced that the Company has entered into a joint operation framework agreement with Cheetah Mobile. Kingsoft will provide game content and relevant updates and Cheetah Mobile will be responsible for the operation, promotion and distribution of those games.[6]



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