Kingston (biscuit)

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A Kingston biscuit

The Kingston is an Australian sweet biscuit that have been manufactured since 1926 by the American-owned Australian-based biscuit company, Arnott's Biscuits Holdings.[1][2][3]

The Kingston biscuit consists of two individual, rounded, coconut biscuits with a chocolate cream filling. The Kingston Biscuit falls under the 'Delicious Creams' family of Arnotts' sweet biscuits. The Kingston is widely available in Australia, sold in most supermarkets in 200 g (7.1 oz) packages of twelve individual biscuits,[4] or as one of the five biscuits in the Arnott's Assorted Creams 500 g (18 oz) variety pack. It is commonly believed to be named after a city located near Hobart.

The Kingston was ranked as No. 2 on Good Food's 2019 list ranking in the Arnotts' Family Assorted biscuits.[5]


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