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The Kingston Jets were an ice hockey team that played in the English National Ice Hockey League. The team was close to extinction prior to the 2004-2005 season but, thanks to Kingston Junior Ice Hockey Club (KJIHC), they were able to enter the league again. At this time, many senior players had left to play at higher levels and the roster was significantly depleted. However, KJIHC affiliated the Jets with their junior programme and the roster was filled with promising young talent.

Former Jets have gone on to play in higher leagues such as the English Premier League, Elite Ice Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League, American Hockey League, and other elite European leagues. Examples include Lee Esders, Matty Davies, Steve Lee, Kevin Phillips, David Phillips, and Hull Stingrays utility man Tommy Osborne-Ralph. It was hoped that the emerging junior talents of Jordan Fisher and Ben Sayer would follow these players into the professional ranks but their development was inhibited by their girlfriends who would not allow them to attend more than one training session per week.

2007-2008 season[edit]

The 2007-2008 was a time of change for the Kingston Jets. Under the coaching of Andy Dantith, the team grew in confidence and developed invaluable experience. The roster was still, though, filled with many junior players and only two over the age of 20. For the first time since being saved from extinction, age did not halt or interrupt the team’s progress during this season.

The season began with the Jets winning 5 of their first 9 games, including hard fought wins against Flintshire and Grimsby–a game used to attract supporters and publicity to the Jets.

Coach Andy Dantith convinced the team that size and age were irrelevant and that there was enough talent in the locker room to achieve something this season.

This was proved right when a cracking run at the end of the season saw the Jets losing just 3 in 13, including a run of 5 straight wins and a double header victory against Flintshire in the ENIHL Cup North to qualify for the semi-finals of the competition.

This was the most significant achievement in the Jet’s recent history and, as a ‘well-done’ gesture to the team and everyone associated with the Jets, it would be fantastic to promote our semi-final against the Peterborough Islanders.

ENIHL Cup semi-final[edit]

The ENIHL Semi Final between Kingston Jets and Peterborough Islanders will take place over the weekend of 26 & 27 April 2008, with the game at the Hull Arena taking place on 27 April 2008 at 5pm. There is FREE admission available to all and the Jets are asking for all hockey fans for support on what promises to be a very special evening.

Team roster 2010/2011[edit]

1 Tristan Rogers NM (ENG)
2 Adam Davis NM (ENG)
4 Ben Spurgeon (ENG)
7 Lee Holland (ENG)
11 Ben Lowe (ENG)
12 Steven Butler (ENG)
14 Tommy Osborne-Ralph (ENG)
17 Daniel Sayer A (ENG)
16 Meat (ENG)
18 James Maughan ENG)
19 Matthew Jeffcock C (ENG)
21 Ben Sayer (ENG)
22 Fish Kid (ENG)
23 The Artist (ENG)
24 Giz Head (ENG)
40 Kieran Beach (ENG)
71 Jamie Colby A (ENG)
77 Josh Wilson (ENG)