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Not to be confused with Kingswood College Doncaster.
Kingswood College
355 Station Street
Box Hill, Victoria 3128
Coordinates 37°49′57″S 145°7′14″E / 37.83250°S 145.12056°E / -37.83250; 145.12056Coordinates: 37°49′57″S 145°7′14″E / 37.83250°S 145.12056°E / -37.83250; 145.12056
Type Independent, Co-educational.
Motto Where potential soars
Established 1890
Principal Elisabeth Lenders
Enrolment ~700 (K–12)
Colour(s) Blue, Yellow, Red, Green

Kingswood College is coeducational K-12 college operating under the auspices of the Uniting Church in Australia, located in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Box Hill, Victoria, Australia. It began as New College in 1890, and was known as Box Hill Grammar from 1928 to 1965.


In 1890 Arthur Stephenson established New College as a boys' school for day students and boarders in Rose Street Box Hill. The school was renamed Box Hill Grammar around 1928.[1] The Methodist Church assumed responsibility for the school in 1929 and purchased a property in Station Street, Box Hill, known as 'Gwynton Park'. A new building, the Cato Block, was built on the property in 1930. The move to the new site generated much optimism and a masterplan of imposing buildings was developed. The Great Depression and the Second World War made a large impression on the school - instead of implementing the masterplan, increased numbers of students had to be accommodated at virtually no cost.

The school became co-educational in 1933 when girls were introduced to the Boarding section of the school. This practice was unheard of at that time in mainstream church schools in Victoria, if not Australia. In 1936 there were 14 girls at the school and in 1937, with 21 girls enrolled, co-educational classes were held. By 1945 there were 83 boys and 52 girls at the school and by 1955 the numbers of students had increased to 174 boys and 73 girls. However, the school reverted to only taking boys between 1964 and 1977.[1]

In 1937, the school granted Wesley College an option to purchase its land and buildings, in return for funds from Wesley to reduce some of the school's debt.[2] In 1946, with Wesley struggling for space to accommodate increasing numbers, it opened negotiations to take over the school, and agreement was reached in 1947, which in effect vested the school in Wesley, but allowed the school to maintain its own council until Wesley was ready to proceed. Wesley was slow to proceed, and when Box Hill Grammar's own enrolments increased in the early 1950s, the council became less enamoured with the idea. In 1955 the idea was finally abandoned, with Wesley paying the school £4,500 to recoup losses while Wesley's control had restricted development.[3]

The school was renamed Kingswood College in 1965 to reflect both the Methodist tradition and to help create a new image of the school. Between 1963 and 1968 enrolments doubled - new buildings were urgently needed. A new science block and library were opened. The opening of the Junior School, in 1971, was a significant development for Kingswood College both financially and educationally. A new Senior School centre, named for Charles Fitzroy Walker former 36-year Principal, was opened in 1975, providing a unique environment for Year 11 and 12 students for a balanced academic and social education.

During the 1990s the school tried to build on the educational, sporting and artistic programs of the College. Pre-School children now attend both 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Kindergarten in Speedy House, the Pre-School centre. Computer, Food Technology and library facilities have been upgraded and a new Technology Centre was opened in 1996, which provides a modern environment for students to study graphics and develop skills in the area of Production Technology.

A new Middle School centre, opened in 2002, has provided a base for Year 7 students and caters for a range of administrative functions. Landscaping to complement this building is currently being undertaken. In 2005 the refurbishments to the Junior School were completed with brand new grade 5 and 6 rooms. In 2008 construction began on a new Science Building, named after the then so principal Annette Bennet, which was officially opened on the 28th of March, 2009. The former Science block was completely renovated and is currently the Year 10 Centre. In 2010 Brimacombe Hall was refurbished to provide a larger auditorium and additional performance and rehearsal spaces.

The College is now in the first year of the current Strategic Plan. It has launched into a refurbishment and redevelopment plan with the completion of a Master Plan and overall landscape plan for the campus.

The School also has strong relationships with 2 schools in China, known as sister schools. GaoXin No 1 High School in Xi'an and Jiangsu Xishan Senior High School in Wuxi. Both participate strongly in exchange programs with Kingswood, as well as offering guided visits to china and its education system.

Co-curricular activities[edit]

House system[edit]

The college has four houses, Brunning (red, named after Rupert Brunning, a former headmaster), Gwynton (blue, taking its name from Gwynton Park, the site the college is situated on), New (yellow, with the name taken from the original name of the school, New College), and Walker (green, named after Charles Fitzroy Walker, a long serving headmaster).

House awards[edit]

The 'House Cup' is awarded to the winning house after each event, as well as an overall award at the end of the year.

The 'Spirit Cup' is awarded to the house with the most spirit at each event, and overall throughout the year.

Inter-house swimming[edit]

Each year, students from Years 7 to 12 take place in a swimming carnival at WaterMarc in Greensborough.

Inter-house athletics[edit]

All students from Prep to Year 12 take place in the inter-house athletics, which are held yearly at the Bill Swart Athletics Track in Burwood East.

House performing arts[edit]

House performing arts, or HPA, takes place in the later half of the year, and is optional for students to take part in. Each house has 15 minutes to present a piece that includes elements of music, drama, and and dance. This is then judged out of 400, and the winner is awarded with the House Cup.

Each house presents their piece twice, once after lunch to the school and a panel of judges, and one in the evening to the general public.

Cross country[edit]

The Years 7 to 12 cross country is held yearly in the later part of the year at Gardiners Creek.


Between Years 7 and 12, all students at the college compete in the EISM inter-school tournament. Each season lasts either one or two terms, and consists of a normal season and finals.

Swimming and athletic carnivals are also available for the champions of the inter-house tournaments.


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