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Kink or KINK may refer to:

Media and entertainment[edit]

Radio and television[edit]

  • KinK, a Canadian documentary television series profiling some of the more unusual edges of human sexuality
  • KINK and, a radio station in Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Kink FM, a radio station in the Netherlands

People named Kink[edit]

  • Dick Kink (1921–1971), American politician
  • George Kink (born 1982), German professional ice hockey player
  • Louise Kink (1908–1992), survivor of the sinking of the RMS Titanic
  • Marcus Kink (born 1985), German professional ice hockey player
  • Rene Kink (born 1956), Australian rules footballer
  • Tarmo Kink (born 1985), Estonian professional footballer
  • Kink Richards (1910–1976), American football running back

Other uses[edit]

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