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For other locations of the same name, see Mount Kinka (disambiguation).
Native name: Japanese: 金華山
View from Oshika Peninsula
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 38°17′43″N 141°34′00″E / 38.29528°N 141.56667°E / 38.29528; 141.56667
Archipelago Oshika
Area 10.28 km2 (3.97 sq mi)
Coastline 25 km (15.5 mi)
Highest elevation 445 m (1,460 ft)
Highest point Kinkasan
Population 6 (2004)
Ethnic groups Japanese
Koganeyama Shrine on Kinkasan Island, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Kinkasan (金華山 Kinkasan?, or Kinkazan), is a small island in Miyagi Prefecture in north-eastern Japan. It is considered[citation needed] one of the Three Holiest Places of the Tōhoku region, along with Dewa Sanzan and Osorezan. It lies in the Pacific Ocean approximately one kilometer off the Oshika Peninsula.[1]

According to legend, those who pay a visit to the shrine in the island three years in a row will have no financial difficulties for the rest of their lives.[citation needed]


Kinkasan is 9.5 km2 (3.7 sq mi) in area, and its highest point is the pyramid-shaped Mount Kinka, which stands at 445 m (1,460 ft).[1]

It can be reached by ferry from Ishinomaki.[2]


There is a shrine on the island, called Koganeyama-jinja, which dates from the 8th century.[3]

During the early Meiji period, Kinkasan Lighthouse designed by Richard Henry Brunton was completed in 1876.[citation needed]

Kinkasan was hit by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the island being one of the closest pieces of land to the epicenter at approximately 68 km (42 mi) away; only one or two minor islands are slightly closer.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 38°17′N 141°34′E / 38.283°N 141.567°E / 38.283; 141.567