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Kinky (film).png
Theatrical release poster
Directed byJean-Claude La Marre[1]
Produced by
  • Jean-Claude La Marre
  • Jessie L. Levostre
  • Eurika Pratts
  • Michael Mendelsohn
  • Dawn Richard
Written byJean-Claude La Marre[2]
Music byShantez "Chi City" Jackson
CinematographyVladimir Van Maule
Edited byJuan Soto
  • Nu-Lite Entertainment
  • Patriot Pictures
Distributed byPatriot Pictures
Release date
  • October 12, 2018 (2018-10-12) (United States)
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited States

Kinky is a 2018 American erotic romantic thriller directed, written and produced by Jean-Claude La Marre. The film stars Robert Ri'chard,[4] Dawn Richard, Gary Dourdan, and Vivica A. Fox.[5] The film was released in the United States on October 12, 2018,[1] by Patriot Pictures.[2]


Dr. Joyce Reynolds is a successful yet shy Atlanta surgeon who enjoys a secluded and single lifestyle. She is the best at her job but everyday is harassed by her coworker, Tyrone, who keeps asking her out. They plan their date for Friday, but she calls and tells Tyrone that they will have to change the schedule. Tyrone goes to his company meeting and is told that his stocks are doing great. He celebrates by buying some alcohol and going to Joyce's house later at night. When Tyrone gets there Joyce is surprised that he knows where she lives, but he told her that her friend Marshallah, who also works at the hospital, told him about her address. They talk and begin to learn about each other. Joyce is taken back by the complexity of Tyrone and tells him that he should never stop chasing his dreams.

The next day Tyrone meets with his buddy Greenland during his morning exercise. He tells Greenland about Joyce and the connection he feels for her, but Greenland is immediately suspicious of Joyce, bringing up the fact that Joyce is beautiful and successful yet lives alone in her house. Tyrone and Greenland come up with a plan to track Joyce for one week. Tyrone follows Joyce around the hospital, looking through her messages on her computer when it is left unchecked, as well as looking at her client files. He sees that she has been getting visits from the same person every Friday for the past five years. Tyrone becomes suspicious and calls Greenland, who tells him that he needs to see their meeting on Friday. On Friday, Tyrone hides in Joyce's office and waits. The two return to her office and Tyrone is shocked to see that she is having a sexual relationship with this mysterious man. Tyrone notices that Joyce is not smiling.

The following night Tyrone has a horrible nightmare about Joyce, dreaming of her calling for help while the mysterious man chases her in the dark, and wakes up in cold sweats shaking. He calls Greenland and he comes over to Tyrone's house to plan. On Friday, Tyrone pretends to be sick and leaves work, following the man home. Greenland arrives shortly after. The two of them sneak their way into the house and discovers many BDSM material lying around. They discover a chained up naked girl in the basement. Greenland gets lost in the house while the mysterious man engages in a battle with Tyrone, setting the house on fire by hitting the gas line. The man tells Tyrone that he knew Tyrone was there watching them while they were in Joyce's office. He tells Tyrone that he has pictures of Joyce drunk and naked and will release them to the public, ruining her innocent image. Joyce agrees to his sadistic BDSM desires to keep him from releasing the pictures. Tyrone and Greenland grab the girl and run out of the house as it explodes.

As the police arrive they put out the fire and search the house, but find no sign of the man. The cops praise Tyrone and Greenland for their work in rescuing the girl, and calls them heroes. When Tyrone arrives home Joyce is there waiting for him. She tells him she saw the new conference and thanks Tyrone for freeing her from the mysterious man. The two embrace. Three months later Joyce and Tyrone are getting married. Before the wedding is about to start, Joyce runs to her therapists and tells him that she is pregnant. He is happy for her and wishes her luck on her new life. She tells her therapist that she will not tell Tyrone that she is pregnant. Meanwhile at night a mysterious figure knocks on the door of Marshalla, asking for the address of Joyce's house. The man turns around and takes off his mask, revealing himself to be Greenland. [6]



Korey Coleman of Double gave the movie a "Fuck You (the site's lowest rating)", for its incomprehensible plot, cheap set design, horrible sex scenes, DVD bargain bin-like quality, and the fact that is it a sad rip-off of 50 Shades of Grey, a series that he also hates. Coleman then proceeded to call this movie so bad that it is "an insult to Tyler Perry, and 50 Shades of Grey." Lastly he criticise the ending of the movie as a cheap way of building up a sequel.[7]

Movie Nation gave Kinky a 1 star out of five, comparing it to 50 Shade of Grey, but for Black people. They said the movie has "Bad acting by pretty people, chilly sex scenes acted out in mail order S&M wear, laughable dialogue and money money everywhere. What is this, “Fifty Shades of Ebony?”"[8]


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