Kinmen National Park

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Kinmen National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Kinmen National Park
Location Kinmen County, Taiwan
Coordinates 24°26′52″N 118°21′52″E / 24.44778°N 118.36444°E / 24.44778; 118.36444Coordinates: 24°26′52″N 118°21′52″E / 24.44778°N 118.36444°E / 24.44778; 118.36444
Area 35.29 km2 (13.63 sq mi)
Established 18 October 1995
Kinmen National Park area in Kinmen County

The Kinmen National Park (Chinese: 金門國家公園; pinyin: Jīnmén Guójiā Gōngyuán) is a national park on the islands of Greater Kinmen and Lesser Kinmen, administratively part of Kinmen County, Republic of China. Kinmen National Park includes five areas, which are Taiwu Mountain, Kuningtou, Gugang, Mashan Hill and Lieyu. The park covers an area of 35.29 km² or around a quarter of Kinmen County area.[1][2]


The park was established in 1995.[3]


Due to its subtropical climate in its surrounding and low human population, the park becomes the place for migratory birds during autumn until spring. There has been 319 species of bird have been sighted in the area.[2]


  • Scenic area
  • Historical preservation area
  • Recreational area
  • General restricted area

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