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Steve Greenberg 2009.jpg
Record producer Steven Greenberg (center) speaks at Kinnernet on May 9, 2009. AOL founder Steve Case (foreground) observes.
Status Active
Genre Internet networking
Country Israel

Kinnernet is an annual networking event for Internet professionals, held at the Ohalo Resort in Israel in the Spring since 2003. Organised by Yossi Vardi, founding investor of ICQ, Kinnernet is a think tank on the Internet, with some 250 attendees.[1] Previous attendees include Martín Varsavsky, Loïc Le Meur, Kevin Slavin, Nimrod Kozlovski, Jeff Pulver, Gary Shainberg, Eyal Hertzog, Esther Adler and Yair Goldfinger.

The conference is invitation-only and self-organized, originally inspired by Tim O'Reilly's Foo Camp.

Some discussion points later become topics at TheMarker, a two-day Internet business conference in Tel Aviv.[2]


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