Kinney Lake

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Kinney Lake
Lake Kinney mit Mount Whitehorn.jpg
Location Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia
Coordinates 53°04′57″N 119°11′34″W / 53.08250°N 119.19278°W / 53.08250; -119.19278
Primary inflows Robson River
Primary outflows Robson River
Basin countries Canada
Settlements None

Kinney Lake is a lake located in Mount Robson Provincial Park of British Columbia, Canada.[1] The lake can be reached by following the Berg Lake Trail for 4.2 kilometres. The lake is an expansion of the Robson River (a tributary of the upper Fraser River) and is located about halfway between the river's source and its mouth. It was named by Arthur Philemon Coleman, Canadian geologist, who explored the region with his friend, George Kinney, who spotted the lake first.[2]

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Coordinates: 53°04′57″N 119°11′34″W / 53.08250°N 119.19278°W / 53.08250; -119.19278