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Kino is a movement created as a means of providing both amateur and professional filmmakers with a place to create and screen their short-films. Kino Kabaret is a type of innovative film-making lab where invited artists create films in a mindset of spontaneity and collaboration. The production method utilizes principles of non-competitive work to encourage co-creation. Surprisingly, this unique concept became a resounding success, and is largely responsible for Kino groups or cells rapidly multiplying around the world. Founded in a spirit of collaboration and motivation, the movement stimulates the production of short-films by small crews with little to no budget. Kino is divided into individual cells, or chapters, most of which have a monthly screening where member directors can screen their films and usually organize Kino kabarets once in a year.


The KINO movement was founded in 1999 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by Christian Laurence and friends. It has since spread worldwide (mostly in French-speaking countries and central Europe), and is now composed of over 60 physical cells, as well as of many Facebook groups.

List of Kino cells (chapters)[edit]

Canada (Quebec)[edit]

Kino Cell Location
Kino Montréal / Kino 00 Montreal
Kino 132 Gaspésie
Kino 3R Trois-Rivières
Kino640 Montréal's north shore
Kino Alma Alma
Kinõ Charlevoix Baie-Saint-Paul
Kino Granby Granby
Kino Outaouais Gatineau
KinoJ Montreal high schools
Kinø Matane Matane
Kino Nord Saint-Jérôme
KinOcéan Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine
Kinö Québec / Kino 01 Québec
Kino Rimouski Rimouski
Kino Rive-Sud Montréal's south shore
Kino Sherbrooke Sherbrooke
Kino St-Hyacinthe Saint-Hyacinthe
Kino St-Lau CEGEP de St-Laurent, Montreal
Kino Thetford Mines Thetford Mines
Kino Victo Victoriaville, Quebec


Kino Cell Location
Kino 05 (no longer active) Toronto
Kino Chaleur Bathurst
Kino-Edmundston Edmundston, New Brunswick
KinoPA Acadian peninsula
VanKino – (no longer active) Vancouver


Kino Cell Location
Hamburgerkino Germany Hamburg
Kino Loop Germany Berlin
Kino D Republic of Ireland Dublin
Kino Castle Scotland Edinburgh
Filmonik United Kingdom Manchester
Kino London United Kingdom London
kino5 Austria Vienna
Kino (B) Belgium Brussels
Kino Liège Belgium Liège
KinoBerlino Germany Berlin
Kino Dynamique Germany Jena
Cinema Sumeet Germany Köln
Kino CunTRA Austria Graz
Kino Praha Czech Republic Prague
Kino eS Slovakia Bratislava
Kino Geneva Switzerland Geneva
Kino Euphoria Finland Helsinki
Vastarannan Kino Finland Rovaniemi
Kino Moscow Russia Moscow
Kino Saint-Petersburg Russia Saint-Petersburg
Kino Lausanne Switzerland Lausanne
Kino Caen France Caen
Kino Lille France Lille
Kino Lugdunum France Lyon
Kino Fada France Marseille
Kino Paname France Paris
Kinô Paris France Paris
Kino Rennes France Rennes
Kino Montpellier France Montpellier
Kinoscope France Nîmes
Kino 77 France Marne-la-Vallée
Kino Session France Bordeaux
Kino Moutarde! France Dijon
tiKINÒ Switzerland Ticino
KinoM inactive Germany Munich
KinoM active Germany Munich
kinöbrest France Brest
ViKino Iceland Reykjavík
Kino Prizren Kosovo Prizren
Kintopp Spain Madrid
[1] Italy Napoli
KinoKab Varco Italy Rome
Kino Palermo Italy Palermo

Latin America[edit]

Kino Cell Location
Kino Managua Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua
Lab//KinoRoom Guanajuato, México
Kino GDL Guadalajara Guadalajara, Mexico
Kino México Mexico México D.F., México


Kino Cell Location
MNKINO Minneapolis


Kino Cell Location
Kino Adelaide Australia Adelaide
Kino Sydney Australia Sydney
Filmonik Melbourne Australia Melbourne


Kino Cell Location
Kino Bénin Benin Benin
Kino Campus Sud France Southern Reunion Island
Kino Burkina [2] Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
Kino St-Pierre Réunion' France Southern Reunion Island
Kino Réunion Nord France Northern Reunion Island
Kino Maurice Mauritius Mauritius

Middle East[edit]

Kino Cell Location
Kino TLV [3] Israel Tel Aviv
KinoPal Jenin State of Palestine Jenin
Kino Kahira Egypt Cairo


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