Kinoko Nasu

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Kinoko Nasu
Native name 奈須 きのこ
Born (1973-11-28) 28 November 1973 (age 44)
Residence Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Co-founder of Type-Moon, Writer, video game designer
Years active 2000–present
Notable work Tsukihime
Fate/stay night
Kara no Kyōkai

Kinoko Nasu (奈須 きのこ, Nasu Kinoko, male,[1] born 28 November 1973) is a Japanese author, best known for writing the light novel Kara no Kyōkai and visual novels Tsukihime and Fate/stay night. Renowned for a unique style of storytelling and prose, Nasu is amongst the most prominent visual novelists in Japan. He graduated from Hosei University with a major in human science.


Together with his junior high school classmate and friend Takashi Takeuchi, Nasu formed Type-Moon in 2000, originally as a dōjin group to create the visual novel Tsukihime, which soon gained immense popularity. Nasu's influences include Hideyuki Kikuchi, Yukito Ayatsuji, Soji Shimada, Natsuhiko Kyogoku, Kenji Takemoto,[2] Ken Ishikawa,[3] and Yasuhiro Nightow.[4]

Following the success of Tsukihime, Type-Moon became a commercial organization. A sequel to Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, was released in August 2001. On 28 January 2004 Type-Moon released Fate/stay night, written by Nasu; it, too, gained great success, becoming one of the most popular visual novels on the day of its release. A sequel to Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, was released on 28 October 2005. Nasu's visual novel work (Fate/stay night) has been adapted to extremely popular manga and anime series.


Among Kinoko Nasu's earlier works are the novels Kara no Kyōkai, originally released in 1998 and re-printed in 2004, Angel Notes, Mahōtsukai no Yoru and Kōri no Hana.


  • Kara no Kyōkai also called Garden of Sinners - originally released in 1998 and re-printed in 2004. It was also re-released in a three-volume format with new illustrations in 2007
  • Decoration Disorder Disconnection
  • Tsuki no Sango (Moon’s Coral)
  • Mahōtsukai no Yoru
  • Notes. (Angel Voice)
  • Kōri no Hana (氷の花, Ice Flowers)
  • Garden Of Avalon

Visual novels[edit]

Video games[edit]


  • Fate/Zero: Onegai! Einzbern Soudanshitsu (2012)
  • Fate/Grand Order: Moonlight/Lostroom (2017)
  • Fate/Extra Last Encore (2018)


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