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Kinomap Logo.png
Kinomap Homepage
Type of business Private
Type of site
Geolocation-Video hosting service
Available in English, French
Founded 2002
Headquarters Douai, France
Area served Worldwide
Owner ExcelLance SARL, Douai, France[1]
Founder(s) Laurent Desmons, CEO and Founder of ExcelLance SARL
Slogan(s) Move your Maps! [2]
Registration Optional
Launched December, 2009
Current status Active

Kinomap is a complete end-to-end platform for creating, hosting, sharing and utilizing geolocation videos for user generated videos. It consists of a set of free mobile applications based on data acquisition and integration in cloud computing. Kinomap provides programming tools for Smartphones, tablets and GPS-enabled cameras to shoot videos synchronized with the navigational maps in order to create Geolocation Videos. Kinomap platform contains geolocation video shooting (2D, 3D, terrestrial and aero), applications for Smartphone and tablets (iPhones/iPads, Android, bada/Samsung and Windows Phone), data acquisition and integration, dedicated web portals and features like round-tour management, audio and video navigation, video tourism, indoor fitness training etc.[2]

The maps combine the video with navigation routes, and adds physical data (like altitude, elevation, speed, pollution level, three-dimensional acceleration, bearing/direction, radioactivity, temperature and distance covered figures). During playback, a user may fast-forward the video to any desired point through video, map or graph. Navigation maps can be viewed in any one of several map formats including Google Map, Satellite, Terrain, Earth and OpenStreetMap (O.S.M.). A user may tag his respective Point of Interests on the map, identified during the journey, set Hot Spots, add notes or comments and specify a travel mode (pedestrian, car, bus, train, aircraft etc.).[3] [4]

Geolocation Videos[edit]

Geolocation videos are videos with geolocation features. It is achieved by synchronizing user generated videos with the data related to the location and the navigation path of the user, highlighted on the maps, so that the viewer of the video gets more information apart from the video feed. A geolocation video may be used in several ways such as for grouping geographically similar videos or geotagged relevant videos,[5] geotagging of videos by the user or the viewer, augmented reality during video chat, creating maps of nearby friends during video chat, 3-dimensional realization of triangular disaster or crisis spots using multiple video feeds, video-check-in feature, [6] video tourism, health and fitness, GPRS navigation etc. [2] [7] [note 1]


Kinomap has been developed and is maintained by ExcelLance SARL, a small software company from Douai,France founded in 2002, which specializes in Mobile Applications development, consulting, engineering, systems integration and outsourcing services in different sectors such as telecoms, bank and insurance, energy, transport, public authorities and administrations, industry, publishers, content editors and distributors.[1] Till 31 July 2012, Kinomap has hosted more than 20,000 Kilometers covered in more than 10,000 user generated geolocation videos from the Kinomap Contributors of 30 different nationalities, visitors from 85 different countries and hosts videos majorly related to fitness training, adventure sports and travel videos.[2]

Features and Components[edit]

Kinomap website was created for the purpose of hosting Geolocation Videos and organizing the Kinomap Community consisting of Kinomap Contributors and Kinomap Users. High Definition videos are supported and are available in the Kinomap video store. Neither the type of video format nor the resolution quality of the video and nor the video upload limit is restricted for a Kinomap Contributor.[2] A Kinomap Contributor is a free user who uploads his geolocation videos on the official website of Kinomap. The Kinomap platform consists of the Kinomap Website (, the Kinomap Community, and a pool of application software like Kinomap Maker, Kinomap Uploader, Kinomap Trainer, Kinomap Embedded Player and Kinomap API. [2] [8] [9]

Kinomap Maker[edit]

Kinomap Maker is a smartphone or tablet application supported on iOS (for iPhones and iPads), Android, Bada/Samsung and Windows Phone. It is used to shoot and upload geolocation videos from the mobile device but to upload the video, the user device must be connected to the internet. Also a user may send the shot video on email or may export his coordinates and the video. [2] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]

Kinomap Uploader[edit]

It is a desktop application, through which a Kinomap user may upload his video taken from his smartphone or GPS enabled camera onto the Kinomap website after suitably editing it. This application goes beyond the features of Kinomap Maker by adding newer features like video editing, video blur etc. This application enables the users to synchronize their video shot with GPS enabled camera with the map, to adjust the trajectory or route according to the video playback, choose points of departure, arrival, hot spots etc. Also, if some contents are not suitable in the video, the users may blur the area in the video in order to hide it during playback. All videos thus transformed into Geolocation videos get uploaded on Kinomap website and are by default public in nature. [14] [16] [17] [18]

Kinomap Trainer[edit]

Cycling Video on Kinomap Trainer

This application is based on one of the utilities of geolocation videos that the subscribed users may use the geolocation video for indoor training, practising or competing purposes. Primarily targeted for the workouts on treadmill, rowing machine and cycling machine, this application brings a sort of virtual instructor on one’s smartphone or tablet and directs to follow the trajectory of the video with similar pace and physical conditions for the workout. Now suppose any Kinomap Contributor has posted his marathon video or rowing video on, then the users of Kinomap Trainer may create similar workout environment in their home over treadmill or Rowing Machine and practise along with the actor in the video. If the actor in the video is too fast, after a certain time, he will pause and wait for you to arrive and match him. If you are too fast then the actor will synchronize with you. Also along with the videos, the physical data like speed, direction, elevation etc. may help the trainee to create virtual environment similar to the video. This idea has been already adopted by many indoor training facilities and fitness centres. It is designed to ease the boredom of indoor training and can be utilized in multiple modes like smartphone, tablet, TV connected with your iPad/iPhone through Apple TV or on the Projector Screen. Video footage can be adjusted and parameters in your exercise machine can be changed according to the situation, e.g. when a biker goes up the hill, then he must pedal harder to progress and so the trainer may increase power. Also, any user may shoot his own video at distant location and use it for his future indoor training purposes or indoor workouts under self-set strict guidelines. Kinomap Trainer also has multiplayer feature, in which the trainer may invite his distant friends to join in his workouts or may compete with them. It has got a free trial of 5 minutes video playback over which a user needs to subscribe for the services. [7] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29]

Kinomap Embedded Player and Kinomap API[edit]

Kinomap Embedded Player is a tool to embed the Kinomap geolocation videos into one’s personal website.[30] Similarly, a person may embed Kinomap geolocation videos and the data acquisition into his application with the help of Kinomap API.[31][32]

Partnerships and Awards[edit]

ExcelLance has partnerships with CAP.Digital-Paris Region [33] [34] , Pôle Régional Numérique, Nord-Pas-De-Calais Region [33] [35] and is one of the supporters of Bik’Earth project [36] . Also, the application Kinomap Trainer has won awards like Macworld Editor’s Choice [37] , Cycling Plus magazine App of the Month [38] etc. and has featured in a number of magazines like Apps Magazine [39] , Mobile Choice [40] etc.

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