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Kinondoni Municipality is a district in northern Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, others being Temeke (to the far Southeast) and Ilala (downtown Dar es Salaam). To the east is the Indian Ocean, to the north and west the Pwani Region of Tanzania. The 2002 Tanzanian National Census showed that the population of Kinondoni was 1,083,913.[1] The area of Kinondoni is 531 km².the latest population census of 2012 showed that population of Kinondoni was 1,775,049: 914,247 female and 860,802 male. There are 446,504 households in Kinondoni with the average of 4 person per household.

The original inhabitants of Kinondoni were the Zaramo and Ndengereko, but due to urbanization the district has become multi-ethnic.[2]


Administratively, Kinondoni District is broken into 4 divisions, 27 different wards, and 113 sub-wards. Below is a list of the wards in Kinondoni District:


Coordinates: 6°47′42″S 39°15′58″E / 6.795°S 39.266°E / -6.795; 39.266