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Kinor David (Hebrew "David's Fiddle" or, also "David's Harp") is an annual Israeli cultural award produced by Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth from 1964 through 1986 for outstanding achievement in various fields such as Entertainment, Theatre, Film, Music and Broadcasting in following nominations:

Play / Show of the year, Actor and Actress of the year (theater / stage), Actor and Actress of the year (film), Director of the year, Best Film of the year, Singer (female and male) of the year, Band of the year, Radio program of the year, TV program of the year, Composer of the year, Lyricist of the year, Best Dance / Ballet show of the year, Dancer (male and female) of the year.

In 1994 Yedioth Aharonoth established a new similar award "Golden Screen".

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