Kintetsu Ikoma Cable Line

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Kintetsu Ikoma Cable Line
Motorable level crossingat the passing loop of Hōzanji Line
Motorable level crossing
at the passing loop of Hōzanji Line
Line length: 2 km (1.2 mi)
Track gauge: 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Keihanna Line
Nara Line
Ikoma Line
0.0 Toriimae
Toriimae Crossing 1
Toriimae Crossing 2
Toriimae Crossing 3
UpHōzanji Line
0.9 Hōzanji
DownSanjō Line
Hozanji Crossing
1.2 Umeyashiki
1.6 Kasumigaoka
Kasumigaoka Crossing
2.0 Ikoma-Sanjō

The Ikoma Cable (生駒ケーブル Ikoma Kēburu?) is a cable railway line of a Japanese major private railway Kintetsu, between Toriimae and Ikoma-Sanjō, all within Ikoma, Nara, Japan. The line is officially called Ikoma Cable Line (生駒鋼索線 Ikoma Kōsakusen?).

Basic data[edit]

  • Lines and distances:
    • Hōzanji Line: Toriimae - Hōzanji, 0.9 km (0.6 mi)
    • Sanjō Line: Hōzanji - Ikoma-Sanjō, 1.1 km (0.7 mi)
  • Gauge: 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
  • Stations: 5
  • Double track line: Toriimae — Hōzanji
  • Vertical interval:
    • Hōzanji Line: 146 m (479 ft)
    • Sanjō Line: 322 m (1,056 ft)


The Ikoma Cable Line is actually made up of two different lines; Hōzanji Line (宝山寺線 Hōzanji-sen?) between Toriimae and Hōzanji, Sanjō Line (山上線 Sanjō-sen?) between Hōzanji and Ikoma-Sanjō. The Hōzanji Line is the oldest commercially operated funicular in Japan, opened in 1918. It runs to Hōzan-ji, a Shingon Buddhist temple. Sanjō Line climbs up Mount Ikoma, reaching Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park.

The Hōzanji Line is the only double-track funicular in the country. However, the two tracks are treated as different lines, called Hōzanji Line 1 (宝山寺1号線 Hōzanji Ichi-gō-sen?) and Hōzanji Line 2 (宝山寺2号線 Hōzanji Ni-gō-sen?). Normally, only Hōzanji Line 1 and Sanjō Line are used. Hōzanji Line 2 is operated in holiday seasons, and for safety inspections of the Line 1. Since the Hōzanji Line runs along a fairly urbanized area, it also functions as a commuter line. However, the line does not accept PiTaPa, a smart card ticketing system, neither Surutto Kansai, a prepaid magnetic card ticketing system.


Hōzanji Line 1 used classical 1928 cars until 2000, when they were replaced by the current fancy-decorated cars. Since then, bulldog-faced "Bull" and calico cat-faced "Mike" serve the line, both officially being Type Ko 11. Sanjō Line uses organ-like "Do-Re-Mi", cake-decorated "Sweet", both officially Type Ko 15. Hōzanji Line 2 uses ordinary-shaped Type Ko 3 cars, nicknamed "Yume-Ikoma".


All stations are in Ikoma, Nara Prefecture. For distances and connections, see the route diagram.

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Coordinates: 34°41′12.4″N 135°41′23.9″E / 34.686778°N 135.689972°E / 34.686778; 135.689972