Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line

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Minami-Osaka Line
021004 6821.jpg
Kintetsu 6820 series EMU at Osaka Abenobashi Station on a semi-express service for Kawachi-Nagano
Type heavy rail
Locale Osaka Prefecture
Nara Prefecture
Termini Osaka Abenobashi
Stations 28
Opening March 24, 1898 (Domyoji–Furuichi)
Owner Kintetsu Corporation
Operator(s) Kintetsu Corporation
Depot(s) Furuichi
Branch: Amami
Rolling stock 6020 series EMU
6200 series EMU
6600 series EMU
6400, 6407, 6413, 6419, 6422, 6432 series EMU
6620 series EMU
6820 series EMU
16000 series EMU
16010 series EMU
16400 series EMU
16600 series EMU
26000 series EMU
Line length 39.7 km (24.7 mi)
No. of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification 1,500 V DC, overhead lines
Operating speed 110 km/h (68 mph) (limited express trains)
100 km/h (62 mph) (commuter trains)
Route map
Lines are of Kintetsu unless noted

Subway: Midōsuji Line
JR West: Osaka Loop Line, Kansai Main Line (Yamatoji Line)
Nankai: Tennoji Branch Line
Hankai Uemachi Line (Tennōji-eki-mae)
Subway: Tanimachi Line Tennōji
0.0 Ōsaka Abenobashi, , Tennōji
JR West: Osaka Loop Line
JR West: Hanwa Line
JR West: Kansai Main Line (Yamatoji Line)
1.0 Koboreguchi
2.1 Kita-Tanabe
2.7 Imagawa
Nankai: Hirano Line
Subway: Tanimachi Line (Komagawa-Nakano)
3.8 Harinakano
5.1 Yata
JR West: Hanwa Freight Line
Yamato River
7.3 Kawachi-Amami
Furuichi Inspection Amami Depot
8.3 Nunose
9.1 Takaminosato
10.0 Kawachi-Matsubara
11.6 Eganoshō
12.6 Takawashi
13.7 Fujiidera
14.8 Ōjingoryō-maeabandoned in 1974
15.6 Hajinosato
Dōmyōji Line
16.3 Dōmyōji
17.8 Konda Hachimanabandoned in 1974
18.3 Furuichi
Furuichi Inspection Depot
Nagano Line
Ishikawa River
20.0 Komagatani
22.0 Kaminotaishi
Prefectural border (Osaka/Nara)
24.9 Donzurubō
27.3 Nijōzan
28.4 Nijō-jinjaguchi
30.4 Taimadera
31.1 Iwaki
32.3 Shakudo
Gose Line
Kintetsu Gose
34.2 Takadashi
JR West: Wakayama Line
35.6 Ukiana
36.8 Bōjō
38.5 Kashiharajingū-nishiguchi
Kashiharajingūabandoned in 1939
Yoshino Line, Unebi Line
Kashihara Line
39.7 Kashiharajingū-mae
Truck conversion facility
Yoshino Line
26000 series Limited Express EMU (before renovation)

The Minami-Osaka Line (南大阪線 Minami-Ōsaka-sen?) is a railway line operated by Kintetsu connecting Ōsaka Abenobashi in Osaka and Kashiharajingū-mae in Kashihara, Nara Prefecture via Osaka's southern suburb cities of Matsubara, Fujiidera and Habikino in Osaka Prefecture, and Katsuragi and Yamato-Takada in Nara Prefecture. The line is the major access from Osaka to southern part of Nara Basin, and together with the Yoshino Line is the main access to the Yoshino refuge of Emperor Godaigo, a popular tourism destination, especially during spring.

The network formed by this line and some branch lines uses a track gauge of 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in), the Kintetsu network being the only one in Japan operating lines at this gauge, 1435mm gauge and 762mm gauge.


The first section of the line opened in 1898 in a part between Kashiwara Station and Furuichi Station by Kayō Railway Co., Ltd. (河陽鉄道 Kayō Tetsudō?). The next year Kanan Railway Co., Ltd. (河南鉄道 Kanan Railway?) took over the line, then the company renamed itself Osaka Railway Co., Ltd. (大阪鉄道 Osaka Tetsudō?). The railway constructed its own access line to Osaka center, completed in 1923 and electrified at 1,500 V DC, then the highest voltage in Japan. Later extension to Nara Prefecture, present Kashiharajingū-mae was built in 1929 and through operation began to Yoshino Railway Co., Ltd. (吉野鉄道 Yoshino Tetsudō?), now Kintetsu Yoshino Line. The entire route was competing with the present Kintetsu Osaka Line, but Osaka Railway was merged to the then Kansai Kyūkō Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (関西急行鉄道 Kansai Kyūkō Tetsudō?), predecessor of Kintetsu, in 1943.


Some trains go through to the Nagano Line and the Yoshino Line, some between Furuichi and Gose Station in Gose Line, and from Gose to Osaka Abenobashi. Local trains run between Osaka Abenobashi and Fujiidera or Furuichi, and between Furuichi and Kashiharajingū-mae (including conductorless trains between Furuichi and Kashiharajingū-mae).

Rapid service[edit]

Semi-Express (準急 Junkyū?) (SmE)
Suburban Express (区間急行 Kukan Kyūkō?) (SbE)
Express (急行 Kyūkō?) (Ex)
Rapid Express (快速急行 Kaisoku Kyūkō?)
Rapid express trains are operated in spring, and the stops on the Minami-Osaka Line are same with the express trains.
Limited Express (特急 Tokkyū?) (LE)


  • S: Trains stop.
  • s: Part of limited express trains stop at Furuichi (Osaka-bound trains till 9:34 a.m. or 9:35 a.m., and Kashihara-bound and Yoshino-bound trains departing Osaka Abenobashi after 8 p.m.).[1]
  • Local trains (普通) stop at every station.

For distances and connections, see route diagram.

Stations SmE SbE Ex LE Location
Ōsaka Abenobashi S S S S Abeno-ku, Osaka Osaka Prefecture
Kita-Tanabe         Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
(Hannan University)
Kawachi-Matsubara S      
Eganoshō         Habikino
Fujiidera S       Fujiidera
Hajinosato S      
Dōmyōji S      
Furuichi S S S s Habikino
Komagatani S      
Kaminotaishi S      
Nijōzan S       Kashiba Nara Prefecture
Nijō-jinjaguchi S       Katsuragi
Taimadera S      
Iwaki S      
Shakudo S S S S
Takadashi S S S S Yamatotakada
Ukiana S S    
Bōjō S S     Kashihara
Kashiharajingū-nishiguchi S S    
Kashiharajingū-mae S S S S
Through section
from Furuichi
to Kawachinagano on the Nagano Line (local trains, semi-express trains, express trains)
from Shakudo
to Kintetsu Gose on the Gose Line (local trains, semi-express trains)
from Kashiharajingū-mae
to Yoshino on the Yoshino Line


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