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Cherry blossoms in Kinuta Park, March 2004

Kinuta Park (砧公園 Kinuta Kōen?) is a park in Setagaya, Tokyo. The total area is 39 hectares (96 acres), 240,000;m² of which are grass.[1]

Kinuta Park is famous for its cherry blossom (sakura) viewing. It has at least three varieties: Someiyoshino (photo), Yamazakura, and Yaezakura—which makes for a relatively long hanami viewing season of over two weeks.


There are baseball fields, soccer fields, cycling courses and the Setagaya Art Museum.[1] The 1667 m cycling course doubles as a walking course outside the hours 9–16.


The Tōmei Expressway (東名高速道路, Tōmei Kōsoku Dōro) runs along the south side; Kampachi (環八, the #8 ring road), along the east. The Tōmei Expressway ends at that intersection.


The park was opened on April 1, 1957.[1] After the Pacific War (World War II), it was a public golf course. Later the golf course was closed to form the current Kinuta Park.


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