Isanzu language

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Native to Tanzania
Ethnicity Anyihanzu
Native speakers
(32,000 cited 1987)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 isn
Glottolog isan1243[2]
People Anyihanzu
Language Kinyihanzu
Country Ihanzu

Isanzu is a Bantu language of spoken by the Isanzu people south of Lake Eyasi in Tanzania.

The position of Isanzu within the Bantu family is uncertain. It is rather distinct in certain features from other Bantu languages of the area, such as Nyaturu, but is quite close in others. One easily recognizable feature is /h/ in words where neighboring languages have /s/ or /tʃ/, as in the name Isanzu ~ Ihanzu, a feature it shares with Iramba, and a reason it is commonly classified with Iramba.


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