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Kipkay-SpTimes 2-23-2009.jpg
Kipkay in his garage with his cat Tux, a camera with microphone, and a Star Trek laser phaser fitted with a Blu-Ray laser diode.
Kip Kedersha

(1957-12-12) December 12, 1957 (age 61)
ResidenceSt. Petersburg, Florida

Kip Kedersha, better known as Kipkay, is an American author of how-to videos.[1][2][3] As of 2008, Kedersha was the all-time top-grossing Metacafe user, having earned more than $120,000 for his series of instructional videos.[4] The series broadcast on the internet and premiered on August 12, 2007. So far, more than 150 episodes have been made and the show can be found on distribution channels including YouTube and Blip. Kipkay's videos can be grouped into categories of pranks, D.I.Y, how-to, social experiments, and hacks.

Life and career[edit]

Kipkay had no scientific background outside of standard college science classes. When he was 15 years old, his mother called him to come inside because it was raining. He tried to run away, but she gave chase and caught up with him. Once she got him inside, she forced him to read books on electronics as punishment. In an interview with Kipkay he stated “I've always enjoyed tinkering with things," "and I learned a lot from my father, who taught me about mechanics and electronics. I'm just resourceful, I guess." Kipkay's video production career began with vocational TV production and broadcasting classes that led to a job in radio. Kay worked as a computer technician and part-time media director for his local church. [5] Kip also worked for Make magazine who hired him to shoot and produce its weekend project clips.[6]


KipKay Videos
GenreD.I.Y, How to, Pranks, Hack
Created byKip Kedersha
Presented byKip Kedersha
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes188
Executive producer(s)Kip Kedersha
Production location(s)Florida, United States
Running time1-5 minutes
Original networkYouTube
Picture format1080p
Original releaseAugust 12, 2007 (2007-08-12) –
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Kipkay posts how-to videos demonstrating how people might re-engineer common household items, such as a flashlight or sunglasses, to show how they might acquire more power or usefulness.[7] Kipkay now has his own show on Youtoo TV which is a channel offered by Road Runner Cable. As of June, 2019, his YouTube videos combined have reached over 697,000,000 views, with over 2.6 million subscribers.[8]

He was interviewed on WJR Radio in 2008,[citation needed] and was heard on the show Videomaker.[9] Kip appeared on the DIY Network TV show Garage Mahal and the Home Theatre Garage. His videos have been featured on the TV show Brink.[episode needed]


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