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Kipkelion Constituency was an electoral constituency in Kenya. It was one of three constituencies of Kericho District. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections. It was later divided into Kipkelion East Constituency and Kipkelion West Constituency, both part of Kericho County.

Kipkelion West 2017 Politics[edit]

Kipkelion West 2017 politics is set to take a pro-modern new dynamic. Historically, Kipkelion constituents are known for not re-electing any incumbent MP back to parliament. As such, the current Mp, Jackson Rop is set to face an uphill task in his bid for re-election in 2017. Mr. Rop will face off with several aspirants including Hillary Kosgei, Waiyat, Chebochok, and Tungutwet.[1]

Tungutwet[2] is the People's Favorite Candidate[edit]

Of all the aspirants for the Kipkelion West parliamentary seat, Tungutwet, who is a youthful and ambitious candidate stands a better chance of winning. Tungutwet[3] is young, vibrant, energetic and visionary leader who prides himself as the voice of the majority poor and voiceless people of Kipkelion West. He commands a majority of the voters who are mainly youths. Tungutwet[4] has been heard addressing challenging issues in Kipkelion West on different platforms including the recent interviews in the local radio stations. He has promised to offer sound and consultative leadership that the constituents of Kipkelion West have been yearning for.

Who is Tungutwet?[5][edit]

Tungutwet was born in Tingatela village in Kamasian ward in Kipkelion West constituency. He went to Lelu primary school and later joined Chepkechei Secondary school graduating in 2008. He then joined the University of Nairobi to pursue a degree in economics and mathematics and graduated in 2014. Tungutwet is currently running his personal business in Kericho town. He is a business consultant who has helped youth and women register and run businesses locally.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP [6] Party Notes
1988 Richard Kipnge’no Koech KANU One-party system.
1990 W. K. Kikwai KANU By-election, one party system
1992 Daniel K. arap Tanui KANU
1997 Samuel K. A. Rotich KANU
2002 Sammy Kipkemoi Rutto KANU
2007 Kiprono Langat ODM
2013 Jackson Rop URP ((kipkelion west)) JAckson Limo ((Kipkelion East))

Locations and wards[edit]

Location Population*
Barsiele 5,020
Chepseon 12,895
Chilchila 10,312
Kamasia 12,700
Kapkoros 7,987
Kapseger 10,881
Kedowa 13,009
Kimugul 11,277
Kipchorian 8,242
Kipsegi 9,894
Kipsirichet 10,260
Kipteris 6,368
Kokwet 11,519
Kunyak 7,563
Lemotit 9,361
Lesirwa 5,413
Londiani 12,168
Masaita 10,237
Sogeet 8,755
Tendeno 6,526
Total x
1999 census.[7]
Ward Registered Voters Local Authority
Barsiele 4,097 Kipkelion town
Chesinende 4,645 Kipkelion town
Kimugul 3,717 Kipkelion town
Lesirwa 3,313 Kipkelion town
Kedowa 4,775 Londiani town
Kipsirichet 3,667 Londiani town
Londiani 4,825 Londiani town
Masaita / Tuiyobei 3,184 Londiani town
Cheboswa 5,751 Kipsigis county
Chilchila 3,349 Kipsigis county
Kamasian 6,281 Kipsigis county
Kapseger 3,284 Kipsigis county
Kipteres 2,231 Kipsigis county
Kokwet 3,500 Kipsigis county
Kunyak 4,487 Kipsigis county
Lemotit 2,580 Kipsigis county
Sorget 3,464 Kipsigis county
Tendeno 2,347 Kipsigis county
Total 69,497
*September 2005.[8]