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Kipper the Dog

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Kipper the Dog
Kipper the dog.JPG
Kipper on a street in York, England, on 4 May 2006
Genre Children's show
Created by Mick Inkpen
Running time 8 minutes
Original network ITV
Picture format 4:3
Original release ITV
5 September 1997 – 21 December 2000
25 August 2012 – present

Kipper the Dog is a character in a series of books for preschool-age children by British writer Mick Inkpen. The books consist of 34 titles (as of July 2005), which have sold over 8 million copies and have been translated into over 20 languages. The books have also won many awards.

Kipper is also the name of a British animated television series based on the same characters. In some cases, the episodes are specifically based on particular stories by Mick Inkpen. The videos have won awards including a BAFTA award for best children's animation. The show was broadcast from 1998 to 2002 on CITV and Nick Jr.. The 'Christmas Eve' episode aired on CITV on Christmas Eve 2003;[citation needed] the series was aired again on CITV for most of 2004. It currently airs on PBS Kids Sprout.

The show was released on VHS and DVD by HIT Entertainment.

Cast of characters

  • Kipper the Dog (Voiced by Martin Clunes) - The title character of the TV show and books. He is warm-hearted, friendly and curious. Kipper is not at all selfish, through he is known to be a hoarder. Kipper is likely portrayed after beagle, beagle mix or Jack Russell terrier breed.
  • Tiger (Voiced by Chris Lang) - Kipper's best friend. He is more practical and wise than Kipper. Sometimes Tiger can be very smug and naughty, though he really is a kind dog at heart. Tiger is likely portrayed after Scottish Terrier breed.
  • Jake - A friendly, warm-hearted sheepdog who is one of Kipper's best friends. He is a minor character on Kipper. However, He, Kipper and Tiger have had many adventures together.
  • Holly - A cheery white dog with brown spots who is one of Kipper's friends. Only featured in the books, but mentioned in "Pig's Present".
  • Pig - Kipper's other best friend. Pig likes to eat chocolate cakes and cookies and at times can be misjudging. He speaks with a Brummie accent.
  • Arnold - Pig's toddler cousin who is more aware than Pig and he usually says nothing, but at times he says simple words like "duck" and "igloo". Arnold has many exciting encounters while the older ones are occupied.
  • Mouse (Voiced by Julia Sawalha) - A mouse who lives with Kipper at his house.
  • The Bleepers - A couple of space aliens and a robot who live on the Moon.


These are the books in the Kipper the Dog series.

Some of the books have been translated into other languages, including Spanish.

TV series episodes

List of Kipper the Dog episodes

Series 1: 1997

# Title Character(s) Appearing Original airdate (UK)
1 "The Visitor" Baby Goose 5 September 1997
A baby goose is lost in a storm, so Kipper lets him stay at his house.
2 "The Umbrella" Tiger 12 September 1997
Kipper has an adventure with an umbrella he initially intends to use as a fishing rod.
3 "The Seaside" Tiger 19 September 1997
Kipper and Tiger go to the seaside, but while Kipper wants to have fun, Tiger wants to get any work out of the way. And things don't get easier when Tiger is washed out to sea.
4 "Nothing Ever Happens" Tiger, Magic Rabbits 26 September 1997
Kipper is bored on a rainy day. He goes into the attic to find something, and finds a magic set. Then he goes to jump in puddles with Tiger. But while outside, the magic set makes rabbits come out of the hat!
5 "Pig's Present" Pig, Tiger, Jake, Roly-Poly 3 October 1997
Kipper gets a hamster for Pig, but he doesn't want to let it go.
6 "The Rainbow Puddle" Magic Frog 10 October 1997
Kipper finds a magic frog in a puddle and offers to get him back home.
7 "The Butterfly" Pig, Butterfly 17 October 1997
Kipper tries to chase after a butterfly and learns that red and blue make purple
8 "The Bleepers" The Bleepers 24 October 1997
Aliens called the Bleepers come to Earth, and now Kipper must fix their spaceship.
9 "Snowy Day" Tiger 31 October 1997
Kipper and Tiger play in the snow on a snowy day.
10 "Pig's Cousin" Pig, Arnold, the Ducks 7 November 1997
Kipper and Pig take Pig's cousin Arnold to the park, but all Arnold wants to do is feed the ducks.
11 "The Paddling Pool" 14 November 1997
Kipper sets up his paddling pool-or at least tries to.
12 "Tiger's Torch" Tiger 21 November 1997
Tiger gets a new flashlight, so Kipper and Tiger go camping in the woods to use it. They read a scary story and soon they hired a strange sound and they went to look for it and they saw an owl made that sound and they got scared and ran back into the tent. Then Tiger finds himself scared of a snail's shadow.
13 "The Conker Tree" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Kitten 28 November 1997
Kipper and Tiger find a kitten stuck in a tree.

Series 2: 1998

# Title Character(s) Appearing Original airdate (UK)
1 "The Goldfish" Tiger 24 September 1998
Kipper finds a goldfish and tries to find it a home while Tiger's on holiday.
2 "Sleepless Night" Tiger 1 October 1998
Kipper has a hard time sleeping due to various interruptions.
3 "The Camping Trip" Tiger 8 October 1998
Kipper and Tiger go on a camping trip. And when it rains, the only shelter they soon have is a nearby rabbit hole.
4 "The Igloo" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 15 October 1998
Kipper, Tiger, Pig and Arnold build an igloo.
5 "Hiccups" Tiger, Pig, Arnold Jake 22 October 1998
Kipper gets the hiccups and his friends give him suggestions on how to cure them.
6 "The Little Ghost" Tiger, Little Ghost 29 October 1998
A ghost visits Kipper's house, but he's not very scary, so Kipper offers to make him scary-using Tiger.
7 "Space Invaders" Pig, Arnold, Space Ship 5 November 1998
Kipper finds what seems to be a toy space ship. But Arnold soon discovers that it is very real.
8 "The Magnifying Glass" Pig, Arnold, Butterfly 12 November 1998
Kipper looks at things with his magnifying glass and becomes distraught when he loses it. Then a lost Arnold finds a lollipop that happens to not taste good...
9 "Kipper is Unwell" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake 19 November 1998
Everyone thinks Kipper is sick because of his red spots on his face from accident while painting a rocket when he was painting earlier.
10 "The Nest" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Baby Bird 26 November 1998
Kipper and Tiger help a baby bird get back up into a tree, and they make their own nest.
11 "The Magic Lamp" Tiger, Dragon 3 December 1998
Kipper finds a bicycle headlight that grants every wish Kipper and Tiger make. However, they go up a very high staircase and also use a roller coaster that takes them to a planet where the Dragon lives.
12 "The Gismo" Tiger, Magic Frog 10 December 1998
Kipper and Tiger go to the duck pond to sail Tiger's new boat, but it gets stuck among lilypads. Now how can a hairdryer help solve the problem?
13 "Kipper's Circus" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 17 December 1998
Kipper and Tiger play circus and can do pretty much everything perceiving to it except doing a handstand. And Pig and Arnold are the exact opposite!

Series 3: Early 1999

# Title Character(s) Appearing Original airdate (UK)
1 "The Lost Mug" Pig, Arnold, Squirrel 21 January 1999
Arnold loses his mug in the woods, so he, Kipper, and Pig set out to find it. Soon, Arnold meets a squirrel who happily drops nuts on passing people.
2 "The Rescue" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 28 January 1999
Arnold finds a pedalboat at the beach and wants a ride. He soon gets his chance when Kipper and Tiger get marooned on an island.
3 "The Picnic" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, the Ducks 4 February 1999
Kipper and Tiger try to have a picnic, but Pig, Arnold, ants, ducks, bees, and even apples are not letting them settle down in one place.
4 "The Treasure Hunt" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 11 February 1999
Kipper and Tiger go on a treasure hunt with Tiger's metal detector but can find no real treasure besides a screw, a waterpipe, and Arnold's toys.
5 "Jake's Bird" Pig, Jake, Fluff 18 February 1999
Pig accidentally causes Jake's bird Fluff to go missing.
6 "The Dinosaur" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 25 February 1999
Kipper and Tiger are led to believing there's a dinosaur in the park.
7 "Tiger's Sled" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 4 March 1999
Tiger gets a new sled, so Kipper and Tiger go for a ride.
8 "The Swimming Pool" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 11 March 1999
Kipper, Tiger, Pig, and Arnold go to the pool, but Tiger isn't getting in.
9 "Arnold's Balloon Trip" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 18 March 1999
Arnold is blown away on a balloon to a candy mountain, so Kipper, Tiger, and Pig try to rescue him.
10 "The Magic Act" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 25 March 1999
Kipper does a magic act and makes everyone, including himself, think that he has made Arnold disappear for good.
11 "Cakes and Tails" Tiger, Pig 1 April 1999
Kipper and Tiger can't find Pig when they plan to meet at the park. And they are getting anxious because Pig has a cake with him. And they also have been talking about beasts.
12 "The Long Walk" Tiger 8 April 1999
Kipper and Tiger get lost on a nature walk, and Tiger's new coat, that is supposed to help, isn't helping whatsoever.
13 "Christmas Eve" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 15 April 1999
Kipper gives his friends presents and picks out the perfect Christmas tree.

Series 4: Late 1999

# Title Character(s) Appearing Original airdate (UK)
1 "Surprise Party" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake 23 September 1999
Jake thinks that everyone forgot his birthday, but his friends are actually holding a surprise party for him.
2 "The Ball" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 30 September 1999
A mysterious ball shows up at Kipper's front door and is revealed to be able to move on its own- at least, Arnold finds this out.
3 "Pirates" Tiger, Pig 7 October 1999
Kipper and Tiger play pirates and discover a haunted island. The only clue they have of the island is that Pig has invited them to see his secret hideout...
4 "Tiger's Cold" Tiger, Arnold, Pig 14 October 1999
Tiger pretends to have a cold. But then Kipper finds out and has doctors Pig and Arnold treat him like he is really sick to make Tiger confess that he is not sick.
5 "Looking After Arnold" Arnold, Pig 21 October 1999
Kipper looks after Arnold for the afternoon.
6 "The Mouse" Mouse 28 October 1999
A mouse comes into Kipper's home and starts unintentionally ransacking it.
7 "Clouds" Arnold, Pig 4 November 1999
Arnold has an wonderful adventure in the clouds, but Kipper is less happy when he goes to look for Arnold.
8 "Crazy Golf" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 11 November 1999
Kipper, Tiger and Pig go crazy golfing, but Tiger has trouble on the first hole.
9 "Echo Echo" Pig, Jake, Henry 18 November 1999
Kipper and Jake find a parrot belonging to Pig's Aunt.
10 "The Big Freeze" Tiger 25 November 1999
The snow has froze the water for the birds and ducks.
11 "Jake's Friend" Jake, Tiger, Pig, Arnold 2 December 1999
Jake introduces Kipper and Tiger to his invisible friend, Wilbur. Even though Wilbur is invisible to them, they pretend to see him. But they soon begin to wonder if Wilbur really does exist.
12 "The Fair" Pig, Arnold 9 December 1999
Kipper and Arnold get separated from Pig at the fair.
13 "Big Owl's Bath" Tiger 16 December 1999
Kipper and Tiger give their things a bath, but the outdoor wind is making everything more dirty.

Series 5: Early 2000

# Title Character(s) Appearing Original airdate (UK)
1 "Tiger's Joke Box" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake 20 January 2000
Tiger gets a new joke set and uses it on his friends. After connecting the dots, his friends seek revenge.
2 "Tiger's Rocket" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Baby Goose 27 January 2000
Tiger gets a rocket and plans to launch it off of big hill with Sock Thing on it. But it simply won't launch
3 "The Jumble Sale" Pig, Tiger, Arnold, Jake 3 February 2000
Pig makes Kipper give all his old things to the jumble sale.
4 "Water, Water Everywhere" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Magic Frog 10 February 2000
Kipper and Tiger are playing in their pool, when they accidentally flood Kipper's house.
5 "Pig's Shop" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake 17 February 2000
Pig opens a candy shop.
6 "Hide and Seek" Mouse 24 February 2000
Kipper and Mouse play hide and seek. Kipper soon discovers Mouse can't count past 5, so he offers to help her.
7 "The Costume Party" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake 2 March 2000
Kipper can't decide what to wear to Tiger's costume party, except that the invitation said no one can be a pirate.
8 "Hedgehog Watch" Tiger, Hedgehog 9 March 2000
Kipper and Tiger survey hedgehogs at Kipper's house, but every time the same one appears, they have become bored and are doing something else.
9 "Skates" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 16 March 2000
Tiger gets new rollerblades, but he's having trouble. He eventually breaks his thumb, and Pig shows off his skating potential.
10 "Cousins" Mouse, The Cousins 23 March 2000
Mouse's cousins come over to visit. Kipper cannot stand their mischief and along with Mouse agrees to send them out, but they are leaving anyway.
11 "The Flying Machine" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake 30 March 2000
When Kipper discovers old bits and pieces lying around, he decides to make a flying machine out of them, with Jake as the test pilot.
12 "Arnold's Drum" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 6 April 2000
Arnold gets a drum and plays it nonstop at Kipper, Tiger, and Pig's picnic.
13 "The Key" Mouse 13 April 2000
Kipper and Mouse find a key that goes to Kipper's wind-up mouse, and Mouse becomes jealous of it.

Series 6: Late 2000

# Title Character(s) Appearing Original airdate (UK)
1 "The Holiday" Tiger, Sea Lion 28 September 2000
Kipper and Tiger go to the beach, but all Tiger wants to do is read a book called "The Purple Dragon Who Sneezed". And it isn't long before a sea lion changes both of their fun plans.
2 "The Big Race" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake 5 October 2000
Kipper, Tiger, and Arnold have a race to Pig's house to decide who wins a cake. Arnold eventually wins by hitching a ride on Jake's scooter-and claiming his prize without telling anyone. And who would have thought that Tiger had sabotaged a tricycle for the race- and crash?
3 "Arnold on Wheels" Arnold, Pig, Tiger 12 October 2000
Kipper helps Arnold ride a bike, and he soon proves better than both Kipper and Tiger- to the point where he can knock Pig off his bike.
4 "Pig's Sweater" Pig, Arnold, Tiger 19 October 2000
Pig gets a new sweater, and he, Kipper, and Arnold follow mysterious arrows unaware of the fact that the sweater's seams are coming undone.
5 "Buried Treasure" Tiger, Jake 26 October 2000
Kipper and Tiger go on a treasure hunt set up by Jake for Kipper's birthday-which is 7 weeks and 2 days away.
6 "Clay Time" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 2 November 2000
Tiger gets a potter's wheel and makes several sculptures using it with Kipper. Then Pig mistakes the sculptures for cookies...
7 "The Purple Park Monster" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 9 November 2000
Kipper and Tiger are led to believing there's a "Purple Park Monster" in the park. But it turns out that Pig and Arnold were playing a trick all along.
8 "The River Trip" Tiger, Jake 16 November 2000
Kipper, Tiger, and Jake go on a rowboat trip down a creek when the boat disappears.
9 "The Robot" Pig, Arnold, the Ducks 23 November 2000
A robot comes to Earth and Kipper plays with it until it steals Kipper's favorite toy, Hippo. But after it leaves, it suddenly rains clones of Hippo, along with cookies, ducks, and bread.
10 "The Missing Tape Mystery" Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake 30 November 2000
Everyone tries to figure out why the tape for Arnold's new tape player is missing.
11 "Kipper the Hero" Tiger, Pig, Jake, Arnold 7 December 2000
Kipper poses as Kipper the Superdog, helping out his friends-but getting the opposite result.
12 "The Magic Carpet" The Bleepers 14 December 2000
A magic carpet shows up at Kipper's house, so he goes on a trip to the moon to meet the Bleepers.
13 "The Farm" Tiger, Pig, Arnold 21 December 2000
Kipper, Tiger, Pig, and Arnold go to a farm where Arnold hatches a duckling.



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