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Kipper the Dog

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Kipper on a street in York, England, on May 4, 2006

Kipper the Dog is a character in a series of books for preschool-age children by British writer Mick Inkpen. The books consist of 34 titles (as of July 2005), which have sold over 8 million copies and have been translated into over 20 languages. The books have also won many awards.

The characters in the Kipper the Dog book series also appear in the animated television series Kipper.


  • Kipper the Dog (Voiced by Martin Clunes) - The title character of the TV show and books. He is warm-hearted, friendly and curious. Kipper is not at all selfish, though he is known to be a hoarder. Kipper is likely portrayed after beagle, beagle mix or Jack Russell terrier breed.
  • Tiger (Voiced by Chris Lang) - Kipper's best friend. He is more practical and wise than Kipper. Sometimes Tiger can be very smug and naughty, though he really is a kind dog at heart. Tiger is likely portrayed after Scottish Terrier breed.
  • Jake (Voiced by Chris Lang) - A friendly, warm-hearted sheepdog who is one of Kipper's best friends. He is a minor character on Kipper. However, He, Kipper and Tiger have had many adventures together.
  • Holly - A cheery white dog with brown spots who is one of Kipper's friends. Only featured in the books, but mentioned in "Pig's Present".
  • Pig (Voiced by Chris Lang) - Kipper's other best friend. Pig likes to eat chocolate cakes and cookies and at times can be misjudging. He speaks with a Brummie accent.
  • Arnold (Voiced by Chris Lang) - Pig's toddler cousin who is more aware than Pig and he usually says nothing, but at times he says simple words like "duck" and "igloo". Arnold has many exciting encounters while the older ones are occupied.
  • Mouse (Voiced by Julia Sawalha) - A mouse who lives with Kipper at his house.
  • The Bleepers (Voiced by Chris Lang) - A couple of space aliens and a robot who live on the Moon.


These are the books in the Kipper the Dog series.

  • Arnold
  • Butterfly
  • Hide Me, Kipper!
  • Hissss!
  • Honk!
  • Kipper
  • Kipper and Roly
  • Kipper and the Egg
  • Kipper Has a Party
  • Kipper in the Snow
  • Kipper's A to Z: An Alphabet Adventure
  • Kipper's Balloon
  • Kipper's Bathtime
  • Kipper's Beach Ball
  • Kipper's Bedtime
  • Kipper's Birthday
  • Kipper's Book of Colours (Colors in the US)
  • Kipper's Book of Numbers
  • Kipper's Book of Opposites
  • Kipper's Book of Weather
  • Kipper's Christmas Eve
  • Kipper's Kite
  • Kipper's Lost Ball
  • Kipper's Monster
  • Kipper's Playtime
  • Kipper's Rainy Day
  • Kipper's Snacktime
  • Kipper's Snowy Day
  • Kipper's Sticky Paws
  • Kipper's Sunny Day
  • Kipper's Surprise
  • Kipper's Toybox
  • Kipper's Tree House
  • Miaow! (Meow! in the US)
  • Picnic
  • Playtime
  • Rocket
  • Sandcastle
  • Skates
  • Splosh!
  • Swing!
  • Thing!
  • Where, Oh Where, Is Kipper's Bear?

Some of the books have been translated into other languages, including Spanish.

TV series



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