Kipsigis language

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Native to Kenya
Ethnicity Kipsigis
Native speakers
1.9 million (2009 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 sgc
Glottolog kips1239[2]

Kipsigis (or Kipsikii, Kipsikiis) is part of the Kenyan Kalenjin dialect cluster,[1] It is spoken mainly in the Kericho district of the Rift Valley Province in Kenya. The Kipsigis people are the most numerous tribe of the Kalenjin in Kenya, accounting for 60% of all Kalenjin speakers. Kipsigis is closely related to Nandi, Keiyo (Keyo, Elgeyo), South Tugen (Tuken), and Cherangany.

The Kipsigis territory is bordered to the south and southeast by the Maasai. To the west, Gusii (a Bantu language) is spoken. To the north-east, other Kalenjin people are found, mainly the Nandi. East from the Kipsigis, in the Mau forests, live some Okiek speaking tribes.

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