Kipu Falls

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Kipu Falls
Kipu Falls (5410155454).jpg
LocationUp Huleia Stream from Huleia National Wildlife Refuge, Kauai United States
Total height20 feet (6.1 m)
Number of drops1
Longest drop20 feet (6.1 m)
WatercourseHuleia Stream

Kipu Falls is a waterfall in East Kauai, Hawaii.

Kipu Falls has a dangerous reputation due to drowning deaths of five people in a five-year span, as well as numerous other injuries. Due to the drowning deaths, Grove Farms Company, which owns the land where the falls are located, decided to block off the access route. From a legal perspective, visitors were trespassing, as the falls were not actually open to the public. Injuries became more prevalent after guide books began publicizing the falls.[1][2]

Kipu Falls is also widely known for being the filming location of the introduction scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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Coordinates: 21°57′0″N 159°25′10.7″W / 21.95000°N 159.419639°W / 21.95000; -159.419639