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The following is a list of Japanese animated films produced by Toei Animation, based on Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure (Precure) anime television franchise. Beginning with 2005's Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, which had two films released for it, each subsequent series in the franchise has received a film, which is usually released towards the end of each year. In addition, the Pretty Cure All Stars films, which feature storylines that crosses over characters from each of the series to date, began releasing annually in Japan from 2009, often airing in the Spring of each year. Many of the films often incorporate electrical lights known as Miracle Lights, which are handed out to audience members during theatrical screenings so they can participate in the film's climax.



Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart the Movie (2005)[edit]

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart the Movie (映画 ふたりはプリキュア マックスハート, Eiga Futari wa Purikyua Makkusu Hāto), released on April 16, 2005, is the first film based on the Pretty Cure franchise, and the first of two movies based on the second television series, Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart (the first series, Futari wa Pretty Cure, did not receive a film adaptation).

Round, Square, Marquis, Oval, Heart, Pear and Triliant, five fairies who reside in the Garden of Hope (希望の園, Kibō no Sono), call in the Pretty Cure to save their world from a witch from the Dark Zone who wants to take the Garden of Hope's Diamond Line, which consists of several pieces of jewelry worn by the Queen of Hope on her birthday. These jewels, if fallen in the wrong hands, will cause the Garden of Hope to become unbalanced, thereby causing everything else to become destroyed and enabling the restoration of the Dark King.

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart the Movie 2: Friends of the Snow-Laden Sky (2005)[edit]

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart the Movie 2: Friends of the Snow-Laden Sky (映画 ふたりはプリキュア Max Heart 2 雪空のともだち, Eiga Futari wa Purikyua Makkusu Hāto 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi), released December 10, 2005, is the second film based on Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart.

A Sage accidentally drops the egg containing a baby phoenix to the Garden of Rainbows, which is discovered by Hikari and named Hinata. Sage eventually finds Hinata and travels up into the Garden of Clouds with Pretty Cure and Hikari. Sage explains that this rare phoenix is important in contributing heat and warmth to all the worlds. They need a blessing from the queen in the Garden of Light to ensure its healthy life. However, Frozen and Freezen, both against warmth, inhibits Hinata's success by freezing her.

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star: Tick-Tock Crisis Hanging by a Thin Thread! (2006)[edit]

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star: Tick-Tock Crisis Hanging by a Thin Thread! (映画 ふたりはプリキュア スプラッシュ☆スター チクタク危機一髪!, Eiga Futari wa Purikyua Supurashu Sutā Tiku Taku Kiki Ippatsu!) was released on December 9, 2006, based on the third series, Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star.

When the friendship between Saki and Mai starts to waver when they try to enter a karaoke contest together, time suddenly stops. Journeying to the Clock Kingdom, Saki and Mai must reconcile their differences in order to stop the evil Sirloin, who wants to stop time forever.

Yes! PreCure 5 the Movie: Great Miraculous Adventure in the Mirror Kingdom! (2007)[edit]

Yes! PreCure 5 the Movie: Great Miraculous Adventure in the Mirror Kingdom! (映画 Yes!プリキュア5 鏡の国のミラクル大冒険!, Eiga Iesu! Purikyua Faibu: Kagami no Kuni no Mirakuru Daibōken!) was released on November 10, 2007, based on the fourth series, Yes! PreCure 5.

The Pretty Cure 5 travel to the Mirror Kingdom in order to defeat the villain Shadow, who has taken over the Kingdom and tries to take the Dream Collet in order to grant his wish of world domination. However, when the girls meet Shadow and are prepared to fight him, he surprises them by recreating the Crystals of the Mirror Kingdom into Dark versions themselves, who declare to be their opponents. In order to find and defeat Shadow, the Pretty Cure must defeat their Doppelgängers and retrieve the crystals.

Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! the Movie: Happy Birthday in the Sweets Kingdom (2008)[edit]

Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! the Movie: Happy Birthday in the Sweets Kingdom (映画 Yes! プリキュア5 Go Go! お菓子の国のハッピーバースディ♪, Eiga Iesu! Purikyua Faibu GōGō! Okashi no Kuni no Happī Bāsudi♪) was released on November 8, 2008, based on Yes! PreCure 5's follow-up series, Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!, the fifth series overall.

On Nozomi's birthday, all her friends plan a party for her. But when the princess of the Sweets Kingdom shows up and tells them the Sweets Kingdom is in Danger, the Cures set off to find out who is behind all the mysterious goings on in the Sweets Kingdom. They soon discover that a villain named Mushiban has taken over the kingdom so he can eat all the delicious sweets himself. But with the power of the miracle lights, Dream transforms into Shining Dream to defeat Mushiban and finally celebrate her birthday with her friends.

Fresh Pretty Cure! the Movie: The Toy Kingdom has Lots of Secrets!? (2009)[edit]

Fresh Pretty Cure! the Movie: The Kingdom of Toys has Lots of Secrets!? (映画 フレッシュプリキュア! おもちゃの国は秘密がいっぱい!?, Eiga Furesshu Purikyua! Omocha no Kuni wa Himitsu ga Ippai!?) was released on October 31, 2009, based on the sixth series, Fresh Pretty Cure!.

Love, Miki, Inori and Setsuna are planning a pajama party, but soon they find all the toys in Clover Town are disppearing. An old stuffed rabbit of Love's called Usapyon appears and tells everyone the Toy Kingdom is in danger. The Cures travel to the Toy Kingdom to find an evil monster named Toymajin is stealing all of the toys because he believes children don't really care about them, and just throw them away when they get bored of them. But with the power of the Miracle Lights, Peach transforms into Cure Angel before rescuing the toys and convincing Toymajin that children really do care about them.

HeartCatch PreCure! the Movie: Fashion Show in the Flower Capital... Really?! (2010)[edit]

HeartCatch PreCure! the Movie: Fashion Show in the Flower Capital... Really?! (映画 ハートキャッチプリキュア!花の都でファッションショー···ですか!?, Eiga HātoKyatchi Purikyua! Hana no Miyako de Fasshon Shō...Desu ka!?) was released on October 30, 2010, based on the seventh series, HeartCatch PreCure!. The film is the first in the franchise to be screened outside Japan, receiving a release in France on January 26, 2011 under the name HeartCatch Pretty Cure: Mission défilé à Paris (HeartCatch Pretty Cure: The Paris Fashion Show Mission) as part of Fashion Week.[1]

Tsubomi, Erika, Itsuki, and Yuri all get the opportunity to go to Paris in France, where Erika's mother is holding a fashion show. While in Paris, they meet a mysterious boy named Oliver. However, Baron Salamander of the Desert Apostles appears, and the girls transform into PreCures to defend Paris.

Suite PreCure the Movie: Take it back! The Miraculous Melody that Connects Hearts (2011)[edit]

Suite PreCure the Movie: Take it back! The Miraculous Melody that Connects Hearts (映画 スイートプリキュア♪ とりもどせ! 心がつなぐ奇跡のメロディ♪, Eiga Suīto Purikyua♪: Torimodose! Kokoro ga Tsunagu Kiseki no Merodi!) was released on October 29, 2011, based on the eighth series, Suite PreCure!.

Hibiki, Kanade, Eren, and Ako have managed to free Mephisto from the evil influence of Noise. Mephisto pays a visit to Ako with the intention of bringing her back to Major Land to live with her parents again. Ako, who misses her parents, agrees, but before they can leave, all the music suddenly disappears from Kanon Town. Upon arriving in Major Land where people are forced to play with no music coming out, Mephisto, Ako, and the other PreCure encounter Ako's childhood friend, Suzu, who claims that Aphrodite is allegedly responsible for stealing the world's music. As Hibiki, Kanade and Eren escort Suzu to her home, Ako and Mephisto confront Aphrodite, who captures Ako and sends three servants called the Major Three after the others to try to obtain the Healing Chest. As they send a Negatone after the Cures, Suzu escapes with the Healing Chest. As the others struggle against the Major Three, Mephisto helps to free Ako by singing her favourite song, helping everyone realise music that comes from the heart and allowing the Cures to defeat the Major Three. Aphrodite reveals she is being possessed by an evil known as Howling, becoming willing to sacrifice herself so that Howling can be destroyed with her. Not willing to kill Aphrodite, Mephisto forces Howling to leave Aphrodite's body. As Howling overwhelms the PreCure, Suzu and the other citizens use their power to help them, restoring everyone to normal. Howling transforms into his true form and captures Kanade, Hibiki's unwillingness to give up grants her the power to become Crescendo Cure Melody and together with the others manages to defeat Howling. Afterwards, Ako decides to stay in Kanon Town with the other PreCures.

Smile Precure! the Movie: Big Mismatch in a Picture Book! (2012)[edit]

Smile Precure! the Movie: Big Mismatch in a Picture Book! (映画 スマイルプリキュア! 絵本の中はみんなチグハグ!, Eiga Sumairu Purikyua!: Ehon no Naka wa Minna Chiguhagu!) was released on October 27, 2012, based on the ninth series, Smile PreCure! (released outside of Japan as Glitter Force).

When she was little, Miyuki (Emily) came across a peculiar book with some of its pages missing, promising to one day write the ending herself. Back in the present, Emily, Akane (Kelsey), Yayoi (Lily), Nao (April), and Reika (Chloe) all go to a book expo where they come across a quaint little movie theater. Whilst watching the movie, a strange girl named Nico suddenly pops out of the screen, pursued by Kingaku and Gingaku. After the Cures manage to beat the two monsters, Nico takes them to the World of Picture Books, where characters from various fairy tales live. There, the girls are given the opportunity to live out roles of their favourite book protagonists; Cinderella, Issun-bōshi, Sun Wukong, Urashima Tarō and Momotarō. Things soon start turning weird, however, when the true protagonists wind up in each other's stories. These heroes are soon possessed by a dark force, causing them to show resentment towards the girls and attack them, wanting a world where stories have no endings. With the assistance of the stories's antagonists, the Glitter Force fight to try and revert the heroes to normal. They soon learn the culprit is Nico, who holds resentment towards Emily for forgetting her promise to finish the story she lived in. Chasing Nico to the world of her story, Emily explains that in her book, Nico was a girl who brought smiles to others but was kidnapped by a dark force, at which point the ending was unknown. Emily had attempted to draw the rest of her story but gave up because she couldn't draw very well at the time. After some encouragement from Kelsey and the others, Emily becomes determined to make up with Nico and together they head towards the castle where she was captured. As Nico's hatred is fuelled by the Demon Lord that captured her, the girls fight off the fairytale heroes so Emily can try and reach Nico. Backed up by the support of her friends, who will never hate her despite their injuries, Emily conveys her feelings of gratitude to Nico for helping her learn to smile. Just then, the Demon Lord ensnares Nico, wanting to use the power of her hatred to take over the world. As she and the other's struggle against his attacks, Nico realises her true feelings which restores the lost pages of her book. After the girls are overpowered by the Demon Lord's attack, Emily takes a direct hit in order to protect Nico killing her instantly. Wanting to save her, Nico calls upon the power of the Miracle Wing Lights, which revives Emily and give her the power to become Ultra Cure Happy (Ultra Glitter Lucky) and purify the Demon Lord into his original form. Afterwards, Nico apologizes for her actions and vows to make her own story.

DokiDoki! Precure the Movie: Mana's Getting Married!!? The Dress of Hope that Connects to the Future (2013)[edit]

DokiDoki! Precure the Movie: Mana's Getting Married!!? The Dress of Hope that Connects to the Future (映画 ドキドキ!プリキュア マナ結婚!!?未来につなぐ希望のドレス, Eiga Dokidoki! Purikyua: Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibō no Doresu) was released on October 26, 2013, based on the tenth series, DokiDoki! Precure (released outside of Japan as Glitter Force: Doki Doki).[2]

One day, Mana (Maya) receives a wedding dress from her mother, which was previously worn by her late grandmother and her mother. Later, whilst discussing their elementary school days with Alice (Clara), Rikka (Rachel), and Makoto (Mackenzie), Maya recalls owning a dog named Mallow, who died when she was little. That night, a mysterious man named Marsh uses a clarinet to call forth forgotten and discarded objects that still feel they have use, combining together into a giant whale-shaped blimp in the sky. Marsh, who Maya doesn't seem to recognise, starts trapping people inside film reels, forcing them to relive their past memories for eternity, depriving them of their futures. He then summons three henchmen; Purple Buggy, Silver Clock, and Mannequin Carmine, to fight against the Cures (Glitter Force), reassembling them no matter how many times they are destroyed. Overwhelming the Cures, Marsh traps them inside their own memories, with Maya finding herself in her elementary school days when both her grandmother and Maro were still alive. Meanwhile, Sharuru (Kippie) and the other fairies are approached by Bebel, a former acquaintance of Marsh, who informs them that they must venture inside the memories of their partners in order to save them. As Maya tries to find a way back to the real world, she finds the memories in this world are different from her own, as Rachel and Clara are nowhere to be found, but seems to enjoy being with Mallow. With help from Bebel, Kippie and the others dive into their partners's memories, with Kippie joining Maya just before she learns Mallow was hit by a car, which ends her film reels when she gives into the grief of losing her beloved dog. Cautious about Bebel's words that Maya will never give up, Matthew sends his henchmen after Rachel, Clara, and Mackenzie, deeming them a threat. Rachel and Clara manage to find each other within their memories, soon joined by their partners, whilst Davi convinces Mackenzie not to run away from the reality of the Trump Kingdom's situation. Rachel and Clara fight off against their opponents whilst Mackenzie is assisted by the arrival of Aguri (Natalie), Cure Ace (Glitter Ace). Meanwhile, Maya, who can't stand returning to a world without Mallow, receives words of encouragement from her grandmother, allowing her to hear the support of her friends and find a way back to her world along with the others. As Marsh transforms into his true form, Maya, realising that Marsh is actually Mallow himself, takes on his attack, stating she has never once forgotten him, helping him to see the light. Just then, the clarinet that had been influencing Mallow travels forward in time to try and destroy the Glitter Force's future. Using the Miracle Bouquet Lights, the Glitter Force travel forward in time to the day of Maya's wedding and, with help from Mallow, reach the clarinet, who proves resilient to the Glitter Force attacks and delivers a critical blow to Mallow. Being left with no regrets, Mallow leaves behind his psyche, which gives Maya the powerful Engage Mode, allowing her to defeat the clarinet. After the girls return to the present and everyone who was imprisoned is freed, Bebel takes care of Maro's psyche, revealing herself to be Maya's grandmother.

HappinessCharge PreCure! the Movie: The Ballerina of the Land of Dolls (2014)[edit]

HappinessCharge PreCure! the Movie: The Ballerina of the Land of Dolls (映画 ハピネスチャージプリキュア!人形の国のバレリーナ, Eiga HapinesuChāji Purikyua! Ningyō no Kuni no Barerīna) was released on October 11, 2014, based on the eleventh series, Happiness Charge PreCure!.[3]

One day, after Megumi, Hime, Yuko, and Iona help put on a puppet show at a nursery, they come across a living doll named Tsumugi, who claims that her homeland, the Doll Kingdom, is under Saiark attack. As the girls follow Tsumugi to the Doll Kingdom, where they fight against a Windmill Saiark, Blue, who had never heard of the Doll Kingdom before, is suddenly attacked by a darkness coming from his mirror. After defeating the Saiark, the girls are introduced to the Doll Kingdom's prince, Zeke, who Hime gets an instant crush on, and are taken to the kingdom's castle for a celebratory party. As Yuko and Iona figure there is something amiss, Seiji is ambushed by Bee Saiarks and transformed into a doll. With more Saiarks suddenly appearing, Megumi learns that Tsumugi is the one who created the fake Saiarks and led the Cures into a trap. It is revealed that Zeke and the other residents of the kingdom are all dolls belonging to Tsumugi, who loved to dance in the real world but one day lost the ability to use her legs, shutting herself off from her friends and family. She was brought into a man-made kingdom by a commander from the Phantom Empire named Black Fang, who stated that the only way she would be able to continue dancing in this kingdom is to defeat the Pretty Cures. After the Cures retreat, Megumi laments how she can't help to cure Tsumugi's legs, but the others assure her they can do something if they work together. Together, they try to show Tsumugi what she truly needs to be happy, but they are all ensnared by Black Fang, who reveals he was the one who stole Tsumugi's ability to dance in order to wield the power born from her despair. Wanting Tsumugi to remember her happiness, Zeke and the other dolls sacrifice themselves in order to free the Cures, allowing Megumi to reach Tsumugi. Stating her firm desire to help her, Megumi helps Tsugumi realize there are things besides dancing that brings her happiness and stops her flow of despair, freeing the captured Seiji and Blue in the process. Black Fang uses what despair he has collected to transform into a more powerful form, which can even block out the power of the Miracle Dress Lights Blue sends to people around the world. However, Megumi's undying determination gives Tsumugi the strength to turn her despair into hope, allowing the power of the Miracle Dress Lights to reach Megumi, who transforms into Super Happiness Lovely and defeats Black Fang alongside the other Cures. After assuring Megumi that she does have the power to make everyone happy, Tsumugi returns to the real world and regains the use of her legs, finally able to dance the way she wants again.

Go! Princess Precure the Movie: Go! Go!! Splendid Triple Feature!!! (2015)[edit]

Go! Princess Precure the Movie: Go! Go!! Splendid Triple Feature!!! (映画 Go!プリンセスプリキュア Go! Go!! 豪華3本立て!!!, Eiga Gō! Purinsesu Purikyua: Gō! Gō!! Gōka San-bon Date!!!) was released on October 31, 2015, based on the twelfth series, Go! Princess PreCure. Unlike the other films before it, which featured a single narrative, this film is a triple feature consisting of three parts; a cel-animated short, titled The Pumpkin Kingdom's Treasure (パンプキン王国のたからもの, Panpukin Ōkoku no Takaramono), and two fully CG animated shorts, titled Precure and Refi's Wonder Night! (プリキュアとレフィのワンダーナイト!, Purikyua to Refi no Wandā Naito!) and Cure Flora and the Mischievous Mirror (キュアフローラといたずらかがみ, Kyua Furōra to Itazura Kagami) respectively.[4][5] The film's theme song is titled "Kira Kira" by Every Little Thing.[6]

Cure Flora and the Mischievous Mirror[edit]

Cure Flora comes across a mirror where a group of ghosts try to play a prank on her by copying her appearance. During their battle, Flora ends up breaking a crystal headband, so the ghosts decide to replace it by transforming into a pumpkin dress.

The Pumpkin Kingdom's Treasure[edit]

After fighting a Parfait Zetsuborg that suddenly appeared, Haruka and the others are suddenly transported to the Pumpkin Kingdom, where a Princess Convention is being held to determine who will become the kingdom's new princess. As the girls participate in various contests, Towa suspects something is amiss, prompting Haruka, Pafu, and Aroma to follow a trio of fairies to the kingdom's true princess, Pumpururu, who is being held captive. Hearing that the kingdom's minister, Warp, had locked Pumpururu up and caused her parents to forget about her, Haruka decides to help her out, learning that the citizens are being forced to make pudding nonstop. As Warp traps the other girls after they win their respective contests, Haruka makes her family's special pudding for the king and queen, restoring their memories of Pumpururu. Warp then traps the Cures in crystals, revealing he had targeted the kingdom purely to capture them. However, Haruka manages to break everyone free while the fairies work to rescue their trapped friends. As Warp transforms into his true form and starts absorbing the kingdom's citizens, Pumpururu unites the dreams of her citizens and the power of the Miracle Princess Lights to give birth to the Halloween Dress Up Keys, giving the Cures the power to defeat Warp and restore peace to the Pumpkin Kingdom. As thanks, Pumpururu invites the girls to participate in a special ball.

Precure and Refi's Wonder Night![edit]

One day, a doll on Haruka's desk named Refi comes to life and takes Haruka and the other Cures to ask for their help in stopping Night Pumpkin, who plunged her kingdom into darkness. While Refi distracts the Zetsuborg guards with her singing, the Cures make their way to the top of a castle, where they must place the Miracle Princess Light to restore light to the kingdom. After learning that Refi is the kingdom's princess, the Cures soon come up against Night Pumpkin, who overwhelms them and takes the Miracle Light. However, Haruka and Refi remain determined and get the light back, allowing Refi to reach the top and restore the Kingdom's light.

Maho Girls PreCure! the Movie: The Miraculous Transformation! Cure Mofurun! (2016)[edit]

Maho Girls PreCure! the Movie: The Miraculous Transformation! Cure Mofurun! (映画 魔法つかいプリキュア! 奇跡の変身!キュアモフルン!, Eiga Mahōtsukai Purikyua!: Kiseki no Henshin! Kyua Mofurun!) was released on October 29, 2016, based on the thirteenth series, Maho Girls PreCure!, this film is a double feature including a fully CG animated short, titled Cure Miracle and Mofurun's Magic Lesson! (キュアミラクルとモフルンの魔法レッスン!, Kyua Mirakuru to Mofurun no Mahō Ressun!).

Cure Miracle and Mofurun's Magic Lesson![edit]

Mirai and Mofurun have a magical lesson using the Miracle Lights, which soon gets out of hand as they start casting magic on each other.

Maho Girls PreCure! the Movie: The Miraculous Transformation! Cure Mofurun![edit]

Mirai, Liko, Kotoha, and Mofurun attend a Grand Magic Festival that takes place once every 100 years to celebrate the return of a Wishing Stone that can grant a wish to whomever it chooses. As the stone awakens and chooses Mofurun, who has no particular wish she wants to grant for herself, the festival is attacked by an evil bear known as Dark Matter, who steals the stone and captures Mofurun, hoping to use her wish to erase all magicians. While trying to escape from Dark Matter, Mofurun comes across a village of bears and befriends a black bear named Kumata, who is feared by the other villagers because of his ability to use magic. When Mofurun attempts to return to her friends, Kumata reveals himself to be Dark Matter, who states that he will not harm the girls as long as she stays with him. As Mirai tells Mofurun her wish to always be with her, Mofurun's desire to be with her in return reacts with the Wishing Stone, transforming her into Cure Mofurun. Noticing that Kumata's anger comes from the loneliness he felt from everyone being afraid of his magical power, Mofurun sacrifices herself to try and get through to Kumata, who realises that what he truly wanted was a friend. As all of Dark Matter's negative energy that was released from Kumata merges into its own dark entity, cancelling out everyone's magic and spreading chaos across the magical world, Mirai remains determined not to give up. Spurred on by Mirai's determination, all the living creatures in the magical world, including Kumata himself, unite their wishes together, bringing Mofurun back to life and allowing the Cures to transform to confront the source of the evil magic and defeat it. As the Wishing Stone once again disappears, along with Mofurun's powers, Kumata manages to start making friends of his own.

Kirakira PreCure a la Mode the Movie: Crisply! The Memory of Mille-feuille! (2017)[edit]

Kirakira PreCure a la Mode the Movie: Crisply! The Memory of Mille-feuille! (映画 キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード パリッと!想い出のミルフィーユ!, Eiga Kirakira ☆ Purikyua Ara Mōdo: Paritto! Omoide no Mirufīyu!) will be released on October 28, 2017, based on the fourteenth series, Kirakira PreCure a la Mode, this film is a double feature including a fully CG animated short, titled Petit☆Dream Stars! Let's・la・Cookin'? Showtime! (Petit☆ドリームスターズ!レッツ・ラ・クッキン?ショータイム!, Puchi ☆ Dorīmu Sutāzu! Rettsu Ra Kukkin? Shōtaimu!).

Petit☆Dream Stars! Let's・la・Cookin'? Showtime![edit]

Kirakira PreCure a la Mode the Movie: Crisply! The Memory of Mille-feuille![edit]

Pretty Cure All Stars[edit]

Eight Pretty Cure All Stars movies have been released as of March 2016, the first of which, Pretty Cure All Stars DX, was released on March 20, 2009. Each of the films features a crossover storyline which brings together characters from the entire franchise up to its currently airing iteration, with the current series' protagonists often serving in the leading roles. The upcoming ninth film, PreCure Dream Stars!, is the first film in the crossover series to not be an All Stars film.

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