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Category San-serif
Classification Non-Latin
Designer(s) Kiran Bhave
Date released 1999
Design based on Shivaji [1]

Kiran (Marathi: किरण) is a free Devanagari typeface and a non-Unicode clip font created by Kiran Bhave first released in 1999.[2]


In 1999 Kiran Bhave could not find a suitable font for typing Marathi that was free after considerable searching. Thus, he was inspired to create a new typeface.[2]


The keyboard layout is an enhanced version of the Shivaji typeface and have the same keyboard layout.[1] The typeface is used create websites using the Devanagari script.[2]


Kiran Bhave (Marathi: किरण भावे) is from Sanpada (East), Navi Mumbai.[2]


  • 1999: kiran.ttf was created
  • 2000: The amruta.ttf and aarti.ttf fonts were created
  • 2001: Website was registered and made operational
  • 2004: KF-Kiran.ttf, KF-Amruta.ttf, KF-Aarti.ttf, KF-Aditya.ttf, KF-Arun.ttf, KF-Mitra, KF-Ravi were made available for a fee
  • 2006: The ability to pay using PayPal was added
  • 2008: KF-Kiran.ttf, KF-Amruta.ttf, KF-Aarti.ttf became free. Support for kiran.ttf, amruta.ttf, and aarti.ttf was discontinued to provide a consistent keyboard layout for free and paid users
  • 2010: A free tool to convert text from Unicode to the Kiran font was made available
  • 2012: The Indian Rupee Currency Symbol was added in all the fonts. The character is mapped at ASCII 0226 (Alt+0226) and its official Unicode code point U+20b9
  • 2012: KF-Prachi.ttf, KF-Jui.ttf were released as free fonts
  • 2012: KF-Bhaskar.ttf was released for a fee
  • 2013: An offline version of Unicode to KF conversion tool was released
  • 2013: The enhanced conversion tool to convert TO and FRO KF - UNICODE was made available
  • 2018: 30 July: Created multiple packages including FREE version for different users need.
  • 2018: 30 July: Released 11th font KF-Laxman in the JUMBO pack

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