Kirby Anders

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Kirby Anders
Kathleen Beller as Kirby Anders Colby
DYNASTY character
Portrayed by Kathleen Beller (1982-1984, 1991)
Duration 1982–84, 1991
First appearance "Kirby" (1982)
Last appearance "The Nightmare" (1984)
Created by Richard and Esther Shapiro
Dynasty: The Reunion (1991)
Occupation Translator for The Consortium

Kirby Anders (formerly Colby) is a fictional character on the American TV series Dynasty.

The role was portrayed by Kathleen Beller from 1982 to 1984. She was introduced in the 7th episode of the third season, and was written off after the last episode of the 4th season. Beller reprised the role for the 1991 miniseries Dynasty: The Reunion.

Season three[edit]

Kirby Anders is the daughter of Blake Carrington's majordomo, Joseph. In episode 44, she returns to Denver from Paris, where she has spent the last several years studying. She had worked as a nanny but left her job after she became romantically involved with her (married) employer. Upon her return, she reconnects with her childhood playmate, Fallon. As adults, however, the gulf between rich and poor is more of an impediment to their friendship. In episode 45, Fallon hires Kirby to be the nanny for her young son. Immediately, Kirby has eyes for Fallon's husband, Jeff Colby. In episode 46, her father warns her not to interfere. But as Kirby watches Fallon's marriage to Jeff deteriorate, mostly due to Fallon's infidelities, she ingratiates herself with Jeff. During this time, Adam is also attracted to Kirby. Jeff protects Kirby from Adam's unwanted advances, increasing tension between the two men. In episode 48, Adam rapes Kirby. He offers her a job in episode 52, which she declines. In episode 55, Adam attacks Kirby again but she is rescued by Jeff. In the heat of the moment, Jeff (who has recently divorced Fallon) proposes marriage to her. Jeff and Kirby are married in Reno in the following episode. In the season finale (#61), Kirby learns that she is pregnant and realizes that the child is Adam's, but is afraid to tell Jeff.

Season four[edit]

In episode 63, Joseph commits suicide. Kirby is devastated. Blake explains that Joseph had tried to protect him by attempting to kill Alexis, and when he failed, he shot himself. Kirby suspects there is more to the story, and in episode 65 she confronts Alexis and winds up trying to strangle her. Blake manages to stop her.

In episode 70, Jeff learns that Kirby is pregnant with Adam's child and in episode 71 he attacks Adam. When Adam learns why, he tells Kirby that he wants to be a father to their baby. Kirby plans to leave Denver in episode 71, but Jeff stops her. However, she suggests that they divorce in episode 71.

In episode 73, Adam insists that Kirby will tell her child that he is the father, but when he learns that she is divorcing Jeff; he proposes. In episode 75, Kirby accepts his proposal. Kirby is diagnosed with hyperreflexia and must be hospitalized. She suffers from seizures and convulsions and doctors are forced to operate. In episode 77, Adam learns that Kirby's baby has not survived. Adam and Kirby decide to proceed with their wedding plans.

To prevent them from marrying, Alexis offers Kirby a job in Paris. When Kirby refuses, Alexis tells her the real reason Joseph tried to kill her: to prevent her from revealing that Kirby's mother didn't die when Kirby was a child - she had been institutionalized. Kirby is shocked. In episode 82, she visits the institution and learns that her mother died a few years back.[1] Investigating further, Kirby finds her father's suicide note in Blake's desk in episode 83. Learning how vicious Alexis is drives Kirby to the brink. She buys a handgun. In episode 85, Kirby tries to kill Alexis herself, but is interrupted. In the season finale (episode 88), she pulls a gun on Alexis but cannot bring herself to shoot. Alexis agrees not to press charges if Kirby leaves Denver. Kirby abruptly breaks off her engagement to Adam and leaves.

Season Eight[edit]

Kirby[2] receives phone calls from her sister Victoria (who appears briefly in season eight) and her brother Sean, who has married Alexis and is attempting to exact his own revenge.

The Reunion[edit]

Kirby is working in Paris as a translator for "The Consortium" when she runs into Adam Carrington. Kirby and Adam rekindle their romance as she helps him and Blake regain control of Denver-Carrington. Kirby and Adam announce their plans to marry at the end of the miniseries.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ The character of Dominique Deveraux would be introduced in episode 87. In order to maintain the mystery surrounding this character, several scenes were filmed revealing her connection to the Carrington's. One unused version had Dominique thinking aloud: "What will they say, when they find out I'm Kirby's mother?"
  2. ^ Kirby does not appear, she is only spoken of