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Kirchberg, in north-eastern Luxembourg City.
Kirchberg's Chapel of Nôtre Dame, Salut des Infirmes, on rue des Maraîchers.

Kirchberg (Luxembourgish: Kierchbierg) or the Kirchberg is a quarter in north-eastern Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. It consists of a plateau situated to the north-east of the city centre, Ville Haute.

In 2001, the quarter had a population of 3,534 people distributed over its residential areas. Its most notable features are various European Union institutions, including the European Court of Justice, European Court of Auditors, parts of the European Commission, the Secretariat of the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank and the European School of Luxembourg, which are all located in the western part. This area also comprises a number of buildings belonging to the University of Luxembourg. The eastern part houses offices and many international banks as well as an Auchan-owned shopping centre, the Luxexpo exhibition centre, the Utopolis Kirchberg cinema and Kirchberg Hospital.

The Parish Church of Our Lady, Refuge of the Sick, built in 1875, is now grouped with other parishes in the pastoral community of Weimerskirch. It was the location of the only regular celebration authorised by the Archdiocese of Mass of the Roman Rite in its 1962 version (Tridentine Mass) until October 2014 when it was moved to the Church of St. Cunegonde`s in nearby Clausen, Luxembourg.

Kirchberg is also home to many other institutions of national importance. D'Coque arena is the country's largest sports venue, with seating for 8,300 spectators, and occupies a large part of the 'quartier du parc' in central Kirchberg. The Philharmonie Luxembourg is Luxembourg's national concert hall, the grand auditorium of which can seat over 1,500 people. Mudam, a museum of modern art opened in 2006, was designed by I. M. Pei and displays works by some of the world's most notable modern artists. On the same site as the Mudam is the reconstructed Fort Thüngen, a part of Luxembourg's once formidable fortifications.


Like Luxembourg City, Kirchberg has a general oceanic climate (Köppen: Cfb), marked by high precipitation, particularly in late summer. However, the slope and height of the area accounts for occasional lower temperatures (up to 1° below Luxembourg City), more frequent fog and enhanced precipitation of both rain and snow.

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