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A presidential election was held in Kiribati on 17 October 2007,[1] following the 2007 parliamentary election. President Anote Tong, who was re-elected to parliament in the first round of the parliamentary election, sought another term as president.[2] At the first parliamentary session,[1] four candidates were chosen to appear on the ballot: Anote Tong, Patrick Tatireta, Timon Aneri, and Nabuti Mwemwenikarawa. Opposition nominees Harry Tong (Anote Tong's brother) and Tetaua Taitai were excluded from the ballot,[3] upon which the opposition called for a boycott of the election.[4]

Consequently, voter turnout was just above 50%. Tong won more than 15,500 votes, Mwemwenikarawa won over 8,000 votes, and Tatireta and Anera won less than 400 votes each.[4]

e • d Summary of the 17 October 2007 Kiribatian presidential election results
Candidates - Parties Votes %
Anote Tong 15,676 64.30
Nabuti Mwemwenikarawa 8,151 33.43
Patrick Tatireta 356 1.46
Timon Aneri 198 0.81
Total (turnout ~50%) 24,381 100.00
Source: Radio Australia; TSKL Website


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