Kiribati parliamentary election, 2007

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A parliamentary election took place in Kiribati on 22 August 2007 and 30 August 2007, within 23 constituencies (electoral districts) to elect 44 MPs (43.000 citizens vote). Two other MPs are ex officio members (not elected).

There were 146 candidates in the first round, including all 44 sitting MPs, among them President Anote Tong.[1] Most of them represent Pillars of Truth or Protect the Maneaba.

The main issues are education and employment.[1]

Eighteen seats were decided in the first round (including that of Tong, who was overwhelmingly re-elected). Tong's Pillars of Truth and allies independents got twelve of the eighteen seats.[2] For the twenty-six seats where no candidate received a majority, a second round was held on August 30; while party allegiances in Kiribati change regularly, it is likely that the incumbent will be reelected as president in the upcoming presidential election.[3]

e • d Summary of the 22 August and 30 August 2007 House of Assembly of Kiribati election results
Parties Seats
1st round 2nd round Total
Independents 6 13 19
Pillars of Truth (Boutokanto Koaava) 10 8 18
Protect the Maneaba (Maneaban Te Mauri) 2 5 7
Representative of Banabans of Rabi Island 1
Member ex officio 1
Total (turnout ? %) 18 26 46
Source: IPU


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