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Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison is a prison in Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria.[1] It is named after the rural Kirikiri community in which it's situated in. A part of the Nigerian Prisons Service, its official capacity is 1,056.[2] It was first established in 1955. Paul Chiama of Leadership wrote that "The mention of Kirikiri first reminds any Nigerian of" this prison.[1]

As of February 1, 1990 its official capacity was 956 but it actually had 1,645 prisoners. A 1995 report by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada stated that it was "already infamous" for its overcrowding.[3] In March 2018, the United Kingdom announced it would spend $939,000 to build a new 112-bed wing, in order to facilitate the transfer of Nigerian prisoners from the UK.[4]

Some death row inmates are held at Kirikiri.[5]

As of March 2018, the prison held approximately 5,700 prisoners, 3,700 of whom had been awaiting trial for five years or more.[4]

Notable prisoners[edit]

  • Opaka Oluwatobiloba

Chief Bode George[1]


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