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Kirindiwela is a town in the western province, Sri Lanka of Sri Lanka. It is the main administrative centre for the "Dompe" electorate in Gampaha district. Postal code of Kirindiwela is 11730.

Government Institutions[edit]

  • Assistant Government Agent's office Local administrative center of the central government (Dompe Divisional Secretariat)
  • Dompe Pradeshiya Sabhawa Local government office
  • Kirindiwela Police Station



  • Kirindiwela Madya Maha Vidyalaya: Central College
  • Kirindiwela Maha Vidyalaya: High School

Notable institutions[edit]

Notable institutions close to Kirindiwela town includes:

  • Meethirigala Nissarana Vanaya:[1] Arguably the most renowned meditation centre in Sri Lanka. Monks live in Kutis (living quarters) in dense low-country jungle on a hill. There are English speaking meditation teachers with student monks from all over the world. (Alternative spelling 'Mithirigala')
  • Vedagama: ('Village of Healing’) Only village in Sri Lanka completely populated by indigenous medical practitioners. Established as a part of former PresidentRanasinghe Premadasa’s “Gam Udawa ” (Village Awakening) program.

Notable people[edit]

Notable people related to Kirindiwela area:

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Coordinates: 7°02′N 80°08′E / 7.033°N 80.133°E / 7.033; 80.133