Kirinyaga Central Constituency

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Kirinyaga Central Constituency, formerly known as Kerugoya/Kutus Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of four constituencies in Kirinyaga County. The constituency was established for the 1997 elections.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP [1] Party Notes
1997 John Matere Keriri Democratic Party
2002 Daniel Karaba NARC
2007 John Ngata Kariuki Ford-Asili Kariuki lost his seat in October 2010 following a court petition [2]
2011 Joseph Gitari PNU By-election.[3]


Ward Registered Voters Local authority
Kerugoya Central 6,474 Kerugoya/Kutus municipality
Kerugoya North 3,051 Kerugoya/Kutus municipality
Nduini 3,501 Kerugoya/Kutus municipality
Inoi 9,683 Kirinyaga county
Kanyeki-ine 10,080 Kirinyaga county
Kerugoya South 4,728 Kirinyaga county
Muruana 8,280 Kirinyaga county
Mutira 12,475 Kirinyaga county
Total 58,272
*September 2005,[4][5]


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