Kirishi Power Station

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Kirishi Power Station
Kirishi Power Station is located in Leningrad Oblast
Kirishi Power Station
Location of the Kirishi Power Station in Leningrad Oblast, Russia.
Official name Kirishskaya GRES
Country Russia
Location Kirishi
Coordinates 59°29′9″N 32°2′56″E / 59.48583°N 32.04889°E / 59.48583; 32.04889Coordinates: 59°29′9″N 32°2′56″E / 59.48583°N 32.04889°E / 59.48583; 32.04889
Status Operational
Commission date 1967
Owner(s) OGK-6
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas
Secondary fuel Fuel oil
Power generation
Units operational 1 x 800 MW
5 x 300 MW
2 x 60 MW
2 x 50 MW
2 x 40 MW
Make and model LMZ, Siemens AG
Nameplate capacity 2,595 MW

Kirishi Power Station (Kirishskya GRES) is a thermal power station (GRES) at the town of Kirishi, Kirishsky District, Leningrad Oblast, Russia. The power plant is located adjacent to a larger Kirishi oil refinery.[1] Installed electrical capacity of the power station reached 2,595 MW after completion of modernization program for unit 6 in 2011, which included installation of two gas turbines for this unit to utilize combined cycle with total increase of capacity 500 MW and efficiency 20%.[2] The heating capacity is 1,234 Gcal/h.

Kirishskya GRES has two 320 metres (1,050 ft) tall flue gas stacks, they belong to the tallest chimneys at Russia.


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