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Pori Jazz 2012.

Kirjurinluoto Arena (also known as Pori Delta Arena) is an open-air concert park in the city of Pori, Finland. It is the only venue in Finland that is designed especially for open-air events. Size of the amphitheater-type arena is five hectares (12 acres). Concert park area includes also 22 hectares for camping and parking.

Kirjurinluoto Arena was built in 2001 and it is part of the Pori National Urban Park. The arena is located in Kirjurinluoto island, which lies in the delta of Kokemäenjoki-river. The island has been a park and a recreational area for the residents of Pori since the 19th century.

Main user of the Kirjurinluoto Arena is annual Pori Jazz festival. Arena has also hosted RMJ and Sonisphere music festivals as well as several fairs and religious events.

Major events[edit]


16 July; Paul Simon
18 July; Chaka Khan


22 July; Sting


16 July; Pori 450th anniversary concert
18 July; Santana


25 July; Metallica


8 August; Iron Maiden


16 July; Elton John (Greatest Hits Tour)


17 July; Jessie J Sweet Talker Tour
Sonisphere Festival at Kirjurinluoto Arena 2009.


Coordinates: 61°29′46″N 21°46′52″E / 61.496205°N 21.781125°E / 61.496205; 21.781125