Kirke og Kultur

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Kirke og Kultur
Editor Inge Lønning (1968-present)
Categories Cultural magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Universitetsforlaget
Year founded 1894; 123 years ago (1894)
Country Norway
Based in Oslo
Language Norwegian
ISSN 0023-186X
OCLC number 466923221

Kirke og Kultur (meaning Church and Culture in English) is a Norwegian language monthly cultural and clerical magazine published in Oslo, Norway.

History and profile[edit]

Inge Lønning, editor from 1968 until his death in 2013.

Kirke og Kultur was founded in 1894[1] by Christopher Bruun and Thorvald Klaveness, originally named For Kirke og Kultur.[2] The magazine has its headquarters in Oslo[3] and is published on a monthly basis.[4]

Early contributors of Kirke og Kultur included Søren Kierkegaard.[5] Sverre Hov, a Norwegian poet, was a regular contributor to the magazine between 1937 and 1993.[1] From 1968 the magazine was edited by Inge Lønning, with Kjetil Hafstad as co-editor from 1994.[2]

In November 1940 Ronald Fangen became the first Norwegian writer to be arrested by the German occupants of Norway due to an essay published in the periodical Kirke og Kultur.[6]

Kirke og Kultur covers articles and commentaries on religion- and church-related topics as well as on literary work and social issues.[1]


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