Kirkhill, South Lanarkshire

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File:Carrigans Bar in Kirkhill

Kirkhill is a district of the town of Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire.

Kirkhill is the one of the oldest parts of Cambuslang, growing up around the church after which the area is named (see History of Cambuslang). Nowadays this small district is mostly tenement and maisonette apartments with a few shops and a local public house as well as the old church and its recreational hall. Down the hill towards Hamilton Road is a supermarket (built on the site of Gateside Secondary School), medical clinic and bowling club (Whitefield, who play on the former ground of 19th century football club Cambuslang F.C.).

19th Century houses in Brownside Road

A further expanse of wide streets lined with sandstone villas, running east-west between West Coats Primary School and Cambuslang Public Park (containing many of the town’s most affluent residences), is also loosely referred to as Kirkhill due to the commuter train station serving the area - Kirkhill railway station opened on 1 August 1904 - but historically this was two farms known as West Coats and East Coats. This wider territory includes a second bowling club (Kirkhill, 1905) [1] and a tennis club (Kirkhill, 1915),[2] and is close to Cambuslang Rugby Club (who play at Coats Park), Holmhills Park and Cathkin High School.

Cambuslang Parish Church (after which Kirkhill is named)

The older Kirkhill district is currently administered as part of the Cambuslang East ward of the South Lanarkshire Council area, while the streets to the south of the railway lines are in the Cambuslang West ward.

The popular Kirkhill Golf Club [3] is not actually within the district; it is located about one mile away up the hill to the south. The area was the home of the boxer Scott Harrison when he was young.

Coordinates: 55°48′52″N 4°09′44″W / 55.81436°N 4.162316°W / 55.81436; -4.162316