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Kirmira (Sanskrit: किर्मीर, IAST: Kirmīra) was a Rakshasa, the brother of Bakāsura, and a good friend of Hiḍimbā. He lived in the Kāmyaka Forest and used to come out at night for hunting.

During the exile of the pandavas residing in that forest, one night this beast came out and started to spread illusion proper to his species. He beheld pandavas there and seeing him Draupadi agitated from fear, was supported by pandavas. Learning of pandavas identity and especially of bhima he became filled with wrath. His illusion was destroyed by their priest(Dhaumya) and was battled by himself bhima in a duel. The mighty-armed bhima first tore up a tree and descended it on the head of the cannibal. The Rakshasha, however, remain unmoved at that blow, hurled his lightning brand at bhima. But that foremost of all warriors countered that move such that it struck that Rakshasha himself. Then a fierce battle commenced due to which innumerable trees got crushed. Then that Rakshasha hurled a crag at bhima which didn't produce any result. Then both started grappling each other showing their prowess. Then bhima seizing Rakshasha by waist, began to whirl him about. At last finding fatigued Rakshasha faint, bhima placing fiend waist on his knee, chocked him to death with his hands. It was thus, that Kirmira was slain in combat by Bhima, in obedience, of the command of his elder brother, Yudhishthira.[1]


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