Kirsha Training Centre

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Kirsha Training Centre
Donetsk Kirsha Training Centre 1.jpg
Location Donetsk, Ukraine
Owner Shakhtar Donetsk
Type Sports facility
Opened 1999
Official Website

The Kirsha Training Centre (Ukrainian: Спортивно-тренувальна база «Кірша») is the training facility of the Ukrainian Premier League club Shakhtar Donetsk and its U-19 side, FC Shakhtar-3 Donetsk. Located in Donetsk, Ukraine, the training centre has been open since 1999. Since the centre's opening, upgrades have been made including a rehabilitation centre, gymnasium, canteen, consulting room, medical offices, and many other services.


Previous training facilities for the club had existed on the site since 1953. The new training centre was opened in 1999.


The Kirsha Training Centre covers an area of 106.2 acres (0.430 km2). In all, there are nine full-size pitches at the site. Eight are natural grass pitches, and one is made of artificial turf. All of the pitches are illuminated, and three have undersoil heating. The rehabilitation centre consists of medical offices, treatment rooms, a swimming pool, steamroom, gymnasium, IT room, cinema, indoor garden, and a conference hall. Facilities built for FC Shakhtar-3 Donetsk include a canteen, gymnasium, consulting room, dormitories, cinema, IT room, and billiard and table tennis tables. [1]


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