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Kirsi Peltonen is a Finnish mathematician whose research interests include differential geometry and the connections between mathematics and art. She is a Senior University Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis at Aalto University,[1] and a docent at the University of Helsinki.[2] Her work has included the design of an innovative interdisciplinary course on mathematics, art, and architecture, the creation of a major exhibit at the Heureka science center near Helsinki, and presentations on mathematics at Finnish schools.[3]

Peltonen earned her Ph.D. in 1992, at the University of Helsinki. Her dissertation, On the Existence of Quasiregular Mappings, was supervised by Seppo Rickman.[4]

In 2015, Peltonen was the inaugural lecturer for a series of lectures titled Women in Mathematics in Finland and sponsored by European Women in Mathematics.[5] In 2018 the Finnish Mathematics Society awarded their annual mathematics prize to her, for her work on mathematics and art.[3]


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