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Kirsty Jones
Personal information
Full nameKirsty Jones
Country Wales

Kirsty Jones is a Welsh professional kitesurfer and pionner in the sport of Kitesurfing. 3 x British Kitesurf Champion, 3 x Kitesurf World Wave Champion and 2 X Master of the Ocean Champion, as well as World first in long distance, solo kitesurf crossings.

Born in [Carmarthenshire]], Jones made world headlines in 2002 after becoming the first kitesurfer to ever cross the Irish Sea,[1] in a charity solo event raising over £5,000 for the Ty Hafan Children's Hospice near Cardiff.[2]

She first became UK Women's champion in 2002, and won the PKRA World Championship at the final 2008 event in Essaouira, Morocco.[2]

Kirsty is sponsored by Animal, [BWSURF], SUSO and ]].[3]


Results of Kitesurf 2009[edit]

Kitesurfing World Champion 2009

Master of the Ocean Champion

Results of Kitesurf 2008[edit]

World Champion Kitesurf Wave

World Cup KPWT Wave Masters - Brazil - 1st

World Cup KPWT Wave Masters - France - 1st

World Cup KPWT - France - 1st

KPWT World Cup World Cup - Germany 1st

Results of kitesurf 2007[edit]

Ladies British Kitesurfing Wave Champion

1st-Kitesurfing Wave Masters World Cup - Morocco

1st Kitesurfing World Cup - Portugal

Results of kitesurfing 2006[edit]

1st - World Cup KPWT Wave Masters - Portugal

First crossing of Kitesurf in Charité Solo-Canary Islands in Morocco.

X-Fest Boarder Kitesurf Cross - 1st Lady

Ladies British Kitesurfing Wave Champion

Results of Kitesurf 2005[edit]

Las Tres Islas (Quadrilateral Challenge of the Three Islands - 1st Lady

Red Bull Master of the Ocean Champion - Dominican Republic

Mondial Du Vent - International Kitesurfing Competition - 2nd Lady

Kitesurfing World Wave Champion - PKR - Brazil

Results of Kitesurf 2004[edit]

PKRA Kiteboarding Coupé du Monde - Belgium - 2nd Lady

Beach Surf Competition

British Kite Board Tour - 1st Lady

Jinx Jam Contest - Senegal Africa - 1st Lady

Results of Kitesurf 2003[edit]

British Kitesurfing Champion

British Kite-Board Tour Champion

Results of Kitesurf 2002[edit]

First person forever Kitesurf from Ireland to Wales, Solo for charity.

Results of Kitesurf 2001[edit]

British Kitesurfing Champion

Pro World Kite-board - Cornwall - 1st Lady

Windfest Contest Animal-Poole - 1st Lady


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