Kirthar National Park

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View of the Kirthar Park

The Kirthar National Park کيرٿرنيشنل پارڪ is situated in the Kirthar Mountains in Karachi and Jamshoro District in Sindh, Pakistan. It was founded in 1974 and stretches over 3,087 square kilometres (1,192 sq mi), making it the second largest national park in Pakistan after Hingol National Park. The fauna comprises Indian leopards, striped hyenas, Indian wolves, ratels, urials, chinkara gazelles and rare Sind wild goats. Blackbuck antelopes are kept in enclosures for a reintroduction project at Kirthar National Park. Most large predators have been killed with the last leopard shot in 1977.[1]

The park is accessible by four wheel drive vehicles while two rest houses belonging to the Sindh Wildlife Department are available for tourist accommodation.[2]

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