Kirtivarman I

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Kirtivarman I

Kirtivarma I (566–597 CE) succeeded Pulakeshin I as the ruler of the Chalukya Dynasty.

Consolidating the kingdom[edit]

Kirtivarma I consolidated the newly founded Chalukya Kingdom. He completed the subjugation of the Kadambas, and he secured the extension of the Chalukya Kingdom by subduing the Nalas of Nalavadi, the Alupas of South Kanara and the Maurya chiefs of Konkan.

He also annexed the port of Goa, then known as Revatidvipa. The Sendrakas, the feudatories of the Kadambas who ruled in Shimoga district, now shifted their political allegiance to the Chalukyas, and Kirtivarma married a princess from this family.

Death and succession[edit]

At the demise of Kirtivarma, his son Pulakeshin II was too young to rule and Kirtivarma's brother Mangalesha assumed the responsibilities of the crown.

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