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Kirwani is a musical scale in Hindustani classical music. It is an Indian raga specially suited for instrumental music. The scale is the same as the harmonic minor in western music. There are shades of Pilu in Kirwani.

Arohana & Avarohana[edit]

The swaras used in this raga are:

Arohana : S R g m P d N S'
Thus: C D E-flat F G A-flat B c

Avarohana : S' N d P m g R S

Vadi & Samavadi[edit]

There is no strict Vadi-Samavadi, but Re, ga and dha are important.

Pakad or Chalan[edit]

d- P- g R-- S R---, R-- g m P d P

Organization & Relationships[edit]

Related ragas: Pilu

Thaat: Kirwani cannot be fit into one of Bhatkhande's thaats;. Bhatkhande himself did not list it as such.[1]


Samay (Time)[edit]

Madhyaratri (midnight)

Historical Information[edit]

It is "recently" taken from the musical scale Keeravani of South Indian classical music (Carnatic music). It is similar to an ancient version of Pilu[2]


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