Kiryat HaMemshala

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Kiryat HaMemshala.

Kiryat HaMemshala (Hebrew: קריית הממשלה‎, lit. Government complex), also known as Kiryat Ben-Gurion, (lit. Ben-Gurion complex) is the government precinct of the State of Israel. It is located in the Givat Ram neighborhood of Jerusalem.


In December 1949, soon after the establishment of the state, the Israeli cabinet, then headed by David Ben-Gurion, voted to move most of the country's official government institutions from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. The Knesset is located in Kiryat HamMemshala, as are the Supreme Court of Israel, the Prime Minister's Office, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Israel, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Interior. The Bank of Israel is also located in Kiryat HaMemshala.

Construction work began in 1950. The original plans were drawn up by the architectural firms of Monio Gitay-Weinrauw and Al Mansfeld, but they were not implemented.[1]

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Coordinates: 31°46′51.3″N 35°12′2.48″E / 31.780917°N 35.2006889°E / 31.780917; 35.2006889