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Studio album by Dir En Grey
Released January 30, 2002
Recorded 2001
Length 69:57
Language Japanese, English
Label Firewall Div./SMEJ
Producer Dir En Grey
Dir En Grey chronology
Six Ugly
(2002)Six Ugly2002
Singles from Kisō
  1. "Filth"
    Released: September 12, 2001
  2. "Jessica"
    Released: November 14, 2001
  3. "Embryo"
    Released: December 19, 2001

Kisō (鬼葬, Demonic Burial) is the third studio album released by Dir En Grey on January 30, 2002. It has helped them gain popularity across Asia. The first press edition came with an extra booklet of lyrics and the cover booklet came in color, as opposed to the normal release. Unlike their previous two albums, Kisō did not feature extra poems and images per song in the liner notes; rather, the standard booklet came with the band's own English translation of the lyrics, while the extra booklet in the first pressing contained the original Japanese lyrics.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Kyo.

1."Kigan" (鬼眼-kigan-; "Demon Eyes")Dir En Grey4:04
3."Nijūyon-ko Cylinder" (24個シリンダー; Twentyfour Cylinders)Die6:07
4."Filth"Dir En Grey4:55
5."Bottom of the Death Valley"Toshiya5:50
7."Shinsō" (「深葬」; "Deep Burial")Dir En Grey2:05
8."Gyakujō Tannō Keloid Milk" (逆上堪能ケロイドミルク; "Raging Pleasures of Keloid Milk")Kaoru4:42
9."The Domestic Fucker Family"Kyo3:02
11."Mushi" (蟲-mushi-; "Insect")Kaoru6:24
12."Shinsō" (「芯葬」; "Core Burial")Dir En Grey0:57
14."Karasu" (鴉-karasu-; "Crow")Kaoru5:26
15."Pink Killer" (ピンクキラー)Dir En Grey3:48
16."Shinsō" (「神葬」; "God Burial")Dir En Grey3:03



  • A re-recording of "Undecided" was featured on their 2008 single "Glass Skin".
  • Re-recordings of "Bottom of the death valley" and "Karasu" were featured on their 2013 EP The Unraveling.[2]

Chart positions[edit]


Year Chart Position
2002 Oricon 3


Year Single Chart Position
2001 "Filth" Oricon 4
2001 "Jessica" Oricon 9
2001 "Embryo" Oricon 6


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