Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil.jpg
Prem & Heer Of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Written by
  • Story
  • Sonali Jaffar
  • Screenplay
  • Arshad Jafri
  • Salil Sand
  • Vandana Tiwari
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Fatima Rangila
  • Anil Nagpal
  • Dialogues
  • Rekha Modi
Directed by
  • Garry Bhinder
  • Ravindra Gautam
  • Anoop Chaudhary
  • V G Roy
  • Lalit Mohan
  • Deepak Saini
  • Fahad Kashmiri
  • Rishi Tyagi
  • Muzammil Desai
  • Anil V Kumar
  • Talat Jani
  • Praveen Suden
  • Ashish Shrivastav
  • Hitesh Tejwani
  • Ajay Veermal
Creative director(s)
  • Nivedita Basu
  • Vikas Gupta
  • Ipshita Deb
  • Doris Dey
  • Mansi Sawant
  • Doyel Som
  • Sanchi Bawa
  • Madhura Rapsang
Starring See below
Opening theme Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil by Richa Sharma
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 444
  • Suhas Shirodkar
  • Rajan Singh
  • Mahesh Thalakaad
  • Vikas Sharma
  • Sandeep Bhatt
  • Vishwabandhu Giri
Running time 24 minutes
Original network Star Plus
Picture format 320i
Original release 3 March 2008 – 5 February 2010

Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil(Hindi: किस देश में है मेरा दिल)(English: In Which Country Does My Heart Live) was an Indian soap opera that aired on Star Plus. The story is of two lovers, Prem and Heer and their undying love for one another. Their story consist of many conspiracies, tragedies, heart-break, etc. but in the end their undying love for one another prevails through the roughest of times. As of 2016 it is being re-aired on Star Utsav.


The story begins with a young village woman, Heer Maan, who has been engaged to her father's best friend's son whilst being young. She is a simple girl, and above all wants to make her parents happy. She doesn’t think twice about her engagement to a man she has never seen. On the other side, Prem Juneja, a man who has grown up in Canada, yet has no problem agreeing to a marriage his father decided on years ago, because his parents are the most important people to him. Next to them, his happiness means nothing. Prem returns to India with his family, only to find out that Heer and her entire family have supposedly perished in an accident.

Instead of releasing Prem from his promise, his father forces him to agree to marry his best friend's niece, thinking to appease his best friend's soul in this way. They don't know that Heer and her sister, Mehar, are alive and well. Their deaths are a lie perpetuated by an evil aunt, Daljeet, who wants to marry off her daughter Ashlesha, to the rich Prem Juneja.

Prem meets Heer, falls in love with her. He loves his father, but he cannot watch Heer marry a mentally challenged man. When Prem's relationship with Heer comes to light at the event of his marriage, his father, Lalit Juneja, gets angry and disowns him. Prem leaves his house along with Heer and Mehar. Prem regrets hurting his father, but he has made a promise to Heer. After a period of tribulation, during a storm, Lalit Juneja, Prem's father, realizes the truth and is ready to give his blessing to the couple. Heer does not know this and pretends to have amnesia so that Prem can be free to go back to his family. Heer sneaks out one night and Prem goes after her. At the railway station, Lalit helps Prem convince Heer to stay. Heer and Prem reunite and Lalit gives them his blessing.

Before Heer and Prem can marry, Prem supposedly dies in a bomb blast. However, he turns out to be alive and pretends to be suffering from amnesia. He comes back in time to save Heer from marriage to a man bent on destroying the Juneja family. It then seems that the man Heer married is not Prem Juneja, but is someone masquerading as him for money. As the story moves along, it is proved that Heer's husband is Prem Juneja, but he is dying of a disease. And then, that turns out to be a lie. Prem is whole and healthy. Prem and Heer reunite.

The story continues, just as Prem and Heer consummate their relationship, Prem's spoiled sister Veera comes home with tales about her husband's (Nihaal) abuse. Because Veera's husband is Heer's long-lost brother, Nihal, Heer is kicked out of the house in retaliation. Preet and Mehar work diligently to reunite the two. Eventually, Prem realizes that while he must respect his mother, his wife is his responsibility, too. He brings Heer back home. They reunite. This action causes Prem's(step)mother to hate Heer, to be jealous of her and to decide on destroying her son’s relationship with Heer. Stepmother succeeds. She manipulates Prem into thinking that Heer is having an affair. Prem then gets drunk and supposedly falls into bed with Ashlesha. Heer leaves.

Six years later, the two meet again. Prem finds out that Heer had a daughter that she named Chahat. At this point, we see an angry and bitter Heer. She has been hardened by Prem’s betrayal, and wants nothing to do with him. Prem pursues Heer knowing that he cannot live without her any longer and later creates a drama where he gets engaged to Heer's friend Geet in order to make Heer jealous and reveal her true feelings for Prem. The plan succeeds and Heer becomes jealous and later agrees to the fact that she loves Prem and also cannot let Chahat live without her father, therefore she forgives Prem and they reunite.

Stepmother is still trying to separate the two and Heer doesn't tell Prem about this. Prem is still easily manipulated and explodes at Heer multiple times. The woman that Prem supposedly slept with comes back into their lives to separate the two again so she can make place for herself in Juneja mansion. That is when the truth comes out regarding Prem's infidelity(He had never slept with Ashlesha but it was an elaborate revenge set up by Ashlesha, made to look like Prem had in fact slept with her to break Prem and Heer's strong relationship).

After all of this, Prem and Heer's main supporter and Mehar's husband, Preet, is killed by Lalit Juneja's stepbrother's son who were determined to destroy the Juneja's family. There then follows a plot regarding Mehar's evil new husband, kidnapping and the truth coming out. The story ends with the Juneja family mourning those they have lost and being hopeful about the future.


Actor Character
Harshad Chopra Prem Lalit Juneja/Gaurav Sharma
Additi Gupta Heer Prem Juneja
Virendra Saxena Balraaj Maan
Sadhana Singh Teji Balraaj Maan
Mahesh Shetty Nihaal Balraaj Maan
Meher Vij Meher Preet Juneja
Sushant Singh Rajput Preet Lalit Juneja
Deepak Qazir Lalit Juneja
Shama Deshpande Gayatri Lalit Juneja
Nidhi Tikoo Kulraj Kiran Gupta
Krystle D'Souza Veera Nihaal Maan
Manoj Chandila / Tabrez Khan Harman Lalit Juneja
Manav Vij Kiran Gupta
Ranjeev Verma Balwant Man
Tasneem Sheikh Daljeet Balwant Maan
Mihika Verma Ashlesha Balwant Maan
Muskaan Uppal Chahat Prem Juneja
Jai Kalra Rishabh Rampal
Apara Mehta Bharti Rampal
Vishal Thakkar / Dev Keswani Dheer
Dimple Jhangiani Sanjana Rampal
Avinash Sachdev/Prashant Chhabria Manmeet
Kalyani Trivedi Jugni
Kanika Shivpuri Surabhi Devi
Amit Jain Raj Malhotra