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Kisei Expressway sign

Kisei Expressway
Route information
Length: 23.8 km[2] (14.8 mi)
Existed: 2006[1] – present
Major junctions
From: Seiwa-Taki Junction in Taki, Mie
Japan road sign 325.svg Ise Expressway
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

The Kisei Expressway (紀勢自動車道 Kisei Jidōshadō?) is a national expressway in Mie Prefecture, Japan. It is owned and operated by Central Nippon Expressway Company.


The expressway is officially designated as the Hanwa Expressway Kisei Route, however this designation does not appear on any signage.[3]

The first section of the expressway was opened in 2006 (from the origin to Ōmiya-Ōdai Interchange). Another section (to Kisei-Ouchiyama Interchange) opened in 2009 and the next section (to Kii-Nagashima Interchange) is planned to open in 2013.[4] The expressway beyond this point is still in the planning stages and will be built according to the New Direct Control System.[5] Under this system, the financial burden for planning and building expressways will be shared by both the national and local governments; this differs from the established system which is carried out exclusively by the national government. Expressways built under this system are also planned to be toll-free.

The route is 2 lanes for its entire length, with some overtaking areas. The speed limit is 70 km/h.

List of interchanges and features[edit]

Kisei-Miyagawa Bridge
No. Name Connections Dist. from
Dist. from
Notes Location
(all in Mie)
(39-1) Seiwa-Taki JCT Japan road sign 325.svg Ise Expressway 0.0 23.8 Taki
(39) Seiwa-Taki IC Japanese National Route Sign 0042.svg National Route 42
TN Shikifuto Tunnel Length - 414 m
TN Kaminose Tunnel Length - 704 m
PA Okuise PA Ōdai
TN Mise Tunnel Length - 593 m
BR Kisei-Miyagawa Bridge Length - 537 m
TN Funaki Tunnel Length - 1,059 m
1 Ōmiya-Ōdai IC Japanese National Route Sign 0042.svg National Route 42 13.4 10.4 Ōdai
2 Kisei-Ouchiyama IC 23.8 0.0 Taiki
<TB> Kii-Nagashima Toll Gate Kihoku
<3> Kii-Nagashima IC Opens in 2013 
<4> Miyama IC Planned
New Direct Control System
<5> Owase-kita IC Planned
New Direct Control System
This section in planning stages
<6> Owase-minami IC Connects to Japanese National Route Sign 0042.svgJapan road sign 325.svg Kumano Owase Road
This section in planning stages
Through to Japan road sign 325.svg Hanwa Expressway


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